What’s in your Binder?


We’ve all got a binder that contains our characters, notes, and campaigns. I will tell you a bit about mine with the hope that you will tell me about yours. If we start with what I am technically still running, follow it with what I am actually still running and end with what I am currently a player within, it would look like this:

  • Unchained Heroes Apocalypse Squad Campaign where the players are a squad of soldiers that stand against the Apocalypse hordes of undead that seek to break down the gates of the City of the Last Solace.
  • An Unchained Heroes campaign using the Carrion Crown Adventure series from Pathfinder RPG, an Unchained Heroes campaign reboot of my heroic Devonshire campaign that seeks to put an end to the Jack of Tears
  • An Unchained Heroes Campaign called the End of Madness that ties into the Devonshire Campaign.
  • A 5E D&D campaign using the Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  • A Savage Worlds Campaign using the Mass Effect Universe
  • Lastly, I am playing an Unchained Heroes game based on a killer island that is trying to destroy me while I stop a swarm of bees from bringing the apocalypse.

That’s all. Not much, I guess.

So I play a lot of Unchained Heroes and that makes sense because I made the game, but I also play a other stuff and I want to play more “other stuff”. My desired playlist includes: Numenera, The Strange, 13th Age, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and eventually Shotguns & Sorcery. I’m interested in a lot more games out there too, but let me tell you a little bit about a campaign that I am playing by my good friend Mike.

The campaign is run in Unchained Heroes and is set on the Floating Realm of Dragonreach. Dragonreach is a backwater !@#$-hole that people only go to so they can strike it rich, but in the case of me and my adventuring companions, we are going there to save the world. A wizard by the name of Archimon was the last known person to defeat “the Horde” when they attacked our world. He did it with, of all things, a band of intelligent magical equipment. They were a band, a real band, no joke. Archimon was such a jerk that the only people he could get to play with him were magical instruments/weapons/armor that he created himself. He doesn’t really like other people though, so that suits him fine. He hid these artifacts on Dragonreach and the only clues to their whereabouts are from a “song” he wrote on the back of a map he drew.

My character is a Visceral that looks like this guy (see below). We have the miniature. It’s modded so that the swords are removed (I know… I know… male power fantasy and all that…).


As a Visceral I smash things with my fists and encase myself in black/red obsidian natural armor (like Colossus from the X-men). My allies are Gates the Ogress Sorcerer and Ghislaine the Balance Cleric. Both are incredibly awesome in a fight and are the exact type of people I would like to have my back in Dragonreach, which brings me to why I would want them to “have my back.” The only accessible town to the outside world is Wyvern, it sits on the edge of the most dangerous jungle known to man. Imagine a city where it is so humid and thick with humanity that the walking in the streets means you slather through other sweaty bodies and then contrast that with immaculate mansions with pearly gates on hilltops. Then go one step further and add cathedrals so white that they blind the eyes contrasted by districts run by the Master of Pleasure and you might get an idea of what it is like in this town.

Mike has blown our minds with trickery and backstabbing that goes on here. All we want is to get Archimon’s Artifacts to save the world and we keep getting sucked in the politics of the place just to survive and get a kernel of knowledge. I won’t go into all the details of what we found in this town, but lets just say that the “sludge” polluting the only source of freshwater in town pales in comparison to what the Master of Agriculture was doing to grow crops. It has been job after job after little job to get information on the whereabouts of these artifacts and all the while we have been climbing the social ladder in town until we found ourselves as members of The Council of Wyvern; its ruling body. As usual, this didn’t give us any extra privileges, just more people to stab us in the back–which by the way is why my Visceral (Calum) sleeps in random locations each night while following different routes to them each night. I’m paranoid, but I am still alive which is more than I can say about 4 Council Members in the past few years.

So we are nearing the end of our questline and someday in the near future we will be facing off against several really Big Bad Guys. In the foreseeable future I suspect that our best friend on the Council, the Rogue, will betray us in the worst possible moment; our hated enemy, the Warrior, will dog our steps and try to take our artifacts to become even more powerful; everything we built in town will be corrupted by Bodhi, the omniscient Oracle/god; and the friends we have in the Cerebrals tribes will turn their backs on us because of the need to survive. Things are actually looking up though! I believe we will triumph because we are Unchained Heroes and that is what we do. Put a wall in front of us and we will knock it down. Put a chasm in our path, we will leap over it. Put a book for us to read and we will… uh… use it for toiletries.

I can’t emphasize enough that I am having fun in this campaign though. Mike has taken the loose underpinnings of the world I made and built a great world of his own from it. He is doing exactly what I intended for people to do and more. He has inspired me and taken the Cerebral “canon” in a new direction that is creative and fun. That is just a small sample of one world in a rich universe of games that my group plays within. I will soon speak of the Pirates of Brinedeep campaign that my wife, Jennifer, is running and all the crazy stuff that is happening there. Until next time: Everyone, play more games!



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