What you want to know, but haven’t asked about Unchained Heroes


It was a little over two and a half months ago that the Unchained Heroes RPG was released to the world. It has felt like it has been much longer and in some ways it has. On the day Unchained Heroes was released I was fortunate enough to talk with Dan Davenport and do a Q&A session. For those of you that have not seen it, here it is:

#RGPNET Dan Davenport interviews Kurt Patz, the Creator of Unchained Heroes RPG

It asks many of those questions that you probably had about the game system.

There have been a lot of questions about how the Combat Timeline works, so today, I want to point you towards two new videos that we have made to briefly illustrate the Combat Timeline.

Simple Combat Timeline Example

The first video covers a very simple setup where we are tracking time without any special actions. Check it out here:

Special Actions on the Combat Timeline

The second video covers the same setup, but will illustrate a Move Action, an Instant, Reactions, and how to track conditions. This video is short and to the point.

How to ask me more Questions

“But that’s not all my questions,” you might be saying. To that I will direct you to the FAQ on our website and to the Unchained Heroes RPG Community Page on G+. We also have a Facebook page for Unchained Heroes and the RTC Engine. If you are a Twitter fan, you can send me a tweet at @turkzapt.  I would love to answer any other questions you might have directly.


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