We can be Heroes, Part 1: Going wherever we dare!


Did you ever think about how much power we have as a participant in a Role-playing Game? We can be Heroes every time we pull out our character sheet and prepare to roll some dice. We can also be absolutely villainous. Hero or villain, it all boils down to one fact: we are ultimately more in control of our destiny in a RPG than we are in real life and that is awesome. We go wherever we dare and our only boundary is our own imagination. In the first part of this series I want to celebrate the good times and in the second installment I will analyze this phenomenon. This is the first part, so let’s begin by talking about all the incredibly amazing things that we get to do as gamers.

I (We) do what I (We) want!

Yes, I do. I do exactly what I want and I don’t give a hoot about what everyone else thinks. If I want to mouth off to an official. I can. If I want to stop a corrupt official. I can. If I want to bring peace to the world. I can. I can do what I want, when I want, and all I truly need is determination (and a reasonable GM) to do it. This doesn’t extend to my character, it goes for everyone in the group. We are masters of our destiny and beholden to none.

When we make a decision, circumstances may conspire against us, but we will be able to do our best and put forth resources–that we only get as gamers–to follow through. Our minds are sharp, our skills are varied, and our meta-knowledge is tremendous. How we use our abilities is up to us.

When we arrive, people take notice

When we walk into a room, set foot in a city, arrive at a ball, or pull out our money purse at a merchant, people take notice. We are well-equipped, impressively geared, usually exotic individuals, and we have a can-do attitude. It won’t take long for city officials to know about us, local rumormongers to catch wind of us, and criminal organizations to attempt to rob us. Speaking of criminals, there is nothing better than a bunch of cocksure thugs trying to make a name for themselves. It gives us a chance to dust off our abilities and gain a few extra coins for the local pub. If fortune smiles on us, we might even get the chance to take down someone that is worth a fair reward at the local constabulary.

We activate the Incompetence Aura

Every time we come into a new region, people become incompetent and need our help. They might be completely competent people every other day of their lives, but the moment we come around, they lose it and practically trip over themselves to pay us with cash, magical items, and other rewards to do things that they don’t want to do. The magical Incompetence Aura is our greatest superpower. It might get us killed sometimes, but more times than not, it leads us to wealth, fame, and prestige. Seriously, this is a good thing. Think about it a bit and you will see it too!

If you got a problem, yo, I’ll (we’ll) solve it…

All of the above points are linked by one fact: We Solve Problems. It is true that we sometimes make them as well, but we are the best at getting things done. If you got a problem, we’ll solve it. We are “doers.” We can hit a problem head on, try to approach it from an angle, or work around it until it collapses on itself, but we will finish what we started. When a Hero is on the case, we don’t stop until our healer’s out of mana and the Adventure is completed. It’s immensely satisfying that we get to solve problems and we don’t have to do it alone. We have powerful friends and allies that help along the way.

We can be Heroes…

…For more than one day. We get to be Heroes every time we play an RPG and it is liberating, empowering, and intoxicating. In tabletop games, more-so than video games (but not excluding them), we have a new story in front of us and no boundaries to what we want to do. Those boundaries that are in place are only other problems to solve and since we are problem solvers, we will eventually find a way to overcome them. I can build an empire, save a city, protect a dying species from extinction, and go where no one has gone before. We get to explore an unfolding and evolving story with ourselves as the main characters and the friends that know us best as companions in that journey.

I love the sense of adventure and exploration that we are given, when I try to compare it to other aspects of entertainment, there is no comparison. You might argue that those creating art have that same power and I would have to concede your point with qualifications: being an RPG hero is different than making a movie, book, artwork, or song. In an RPG session, we have no one to please but a small audience and ourselves.

Playing an RPG frees us from the bindings of life and unleashes our imaginations. You might even say that it unchains us?


-Turk Zapt


Beyond the Fold

Today’s Beyond the Fold is a sneak peak at the Gigas Hero Class in Unchained Heroes. This is a short description…

Gigas (Champion)

A hybrid martial Hero Class that is a being transformed into a Warrior of Gaia that uses their powers to both protect their allies and send their foes to the afterlife.

Why would people want to play a Gigas?gigas01a

The Gigas is deeply attuned to the various aspects of Nature and her creatures, able to draw from her deep well of magical forces and their own to control forces that strikes fear in the hearts of the primitive mind. The Gigas has dominion over those things that our reptilian minds have taught us to be wary of: storms, fire, high wind, toothy predators, and dangerous flora and fauna.

As a Gigas, you are the master of your body, mind, and soul, the manifestation of the will of Gaia, and a veritable force of nature. Play a Gigas if you want to be the physical incarnation of the Earthmother, tear apart your enemies, and shield your allies with the fervor of a beast protecting its young.

Here is one of their abilities…


Active Mobile [Martial] [Onslaught] [Bane]

Energy: 30

Range: Melee AoE

Action Time: 9

Duration: Encounter

Your fists turn into giant stone mauls that you rapidly pound into the earth, causing great quakes and forcing rocks and debris to the surface.

Skill Check: ATK vs. DEF — Roll your Skill Check and compare it to all affected Combatants. A failure is a miss on that Combatant.

Ability Dice Pool: +0dp

Effect: Combatants with the Flying Condition are Immune to this Action. All Combatants in the target Battle Zone are dealt Physical Damage and the Battle Zone gains the Rubble Terrain Condition. This is a Ground Effect.

Synergy Bonus: If this Action is Declared within 7TI of the Activation Phase of the Avalanche Ability, all Combatants must make an Opposed Athletics Skill Check against the ATK Skill Check rolled while Activating this Action, anyone that fails against it suffers the Knockdown Effect.


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