Villain Stat Adjustments


I made a very important change to the Villains in Unchained Heroes TTRPG compared to the Villains in the Chronos: RTCS TTRPG. A picture speaks a thousand words, so I will let it do the talking and then I will do some explaining. On the left, in red, you see the Chronos Villain Stats and on the right, in blue, you will see the Unchained Heroes Villain Stats.

PhysVanStatsChronos          PhysVanStatsUH
Unchained Heroes has lower Villain Statistics, for every Villain Grade on every level. Why would I adjust this you might ask? The answer is simple, people were having a tough time with the Villains “as-is” in the Core Rulebook. I had to do something about that before it went to print. Unchained Heroes is not about waiting for your chance to hit, it is about using your abilities effectively. It is designed to make it necessary to use your resources and actions in a strategic manner. It had to be changed.

But it was fine as is!

To that I have to respond with an emphatic No. While it was statistically possible for optimized characters to match the values I envisioned for damage output and hit percentages, it wasn’t possible without sacrifices. Players needed to put all their focus on a particular Battle Skill which in turn lowered their other Battle Skills and I don’t want that.

This changes a player’s options so they aren’t required to pick up every Technique, Rune, Power mod, and Ability that might increase their Battle Skills to the peak levels. For those that do, they will find that they still stand a cut above the rest for hit percentage, but they aren’t going to continually outshine the rest of their party. For people like me that still roll a lot of 4’s, well, there is no hope for me. We might even die from it. I made this power for a reason!


What do I do with my old stuff then?!

Keep using it. If you have the Chronos: RTCS Rulebook, keep using it as is. If you have the Unchained Heroes Rulebook too, decide which one you want to use. If you are using Chronos, know that I lowered my stat pools by approximately 2 points across the board and in some places I did a little more than that.

All statistics in the game are up for interpretation, including Stat Blocks. I may have performed calculations for all of them, but you might find reason to tweak them. It’s GM prerogative to change the game as they see fit. I make strong recommendations with my games, but the final say is always your own.

Can I see the other changes to Stats?

I am happy to show you a full view of Chronos: RTCS Villain Stats compared to Unchained Heroes Villains Stats. This also gives you a chance to see old layout versus new layout! First we see Chronos: RTCS here you go:



Now I present to you Unchained Heroes Villain Stats:


That’s that. More info on any changes are to come and remember, release is just around the corner on April 3rd, 2015. I can’t wait for you to see it!


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