Unchained in Action

viktor02aThis is an excerpt from a piece of work by Jenn Patz. It was influenced by Unchained Heroes, so I wanted to break it down for you to let you see the narrative power of Unchained Heroes. My comments are in Italics.

The intruder wore an armor conceived of shadows. What little light there was in the basement seemed to be absorbed by it. It was semi-transparent and a strange black steam rolled off it. The armor covered his entire body, but he was most definitely a human man. Neither Saeren nor Talin had seen magic like this before.

-The Intruder is wearing Wraith Armor. It is a sustained ability of the Umbrals that both conceals and guards them. It has a powerful and imposing feel both on and off the battlefield.

He made the motion of unsheathing two swords from his waist, but he wore no belt. When the motion was completed, in his hands were two swords that glowed with the same energy that made his armor. Talin looked at Saeren’s face, but he betrayed no emotion, and he did not look to her in the shadows.

Here the intruder is using the psi-weapons that all Umbrals may craft from their soul energies. Some Umbrals craft guns, some make bows, some spears, but their options are not limited there. They can make a lot of intimidating effects.

Then Saeren did something surprising. From the munition belt he had been loading, he plucked a small ice blue vial. Twirling it in his long fingers, he flicked it at the mystical swordsman.

Saeren is an Alchemist and his is pulling out a vial that called an Ice Slick Grenade. It does exactly what she describes next and its effects can lead to interesting and spectacular results.

The swordsman covered his face, but it did him no good. The delicate vial shattered all over him. The contents reacted with the air and quickly covered him in a thin sheen of ice, along with half of the lab. Beakers exploded their contents out on to the floor as the ice overtook them, creating other reactions. A table caught on fire as an oily substance spilled out onto it’s surface.


The powers available to the Heroes are impressive; both in their effects in the game and the emotions they can stir within us. If you are simply telling the rest of the players on the battlefield what you are doing and not expanding upon it with a description, you are missing a chance to bring the world around you alive. It’s equal parts GM and Player buy in when you are creating an interesting narrative. The Unchained Heroes powers will give you a seed, its your task to let it grow into a memorable experience.

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