Touring the Realms, Part 3: The Hotbed that is Peloria


Are you ready to explore a wild and untamed land? A place that barely tolerates civilization and where it does, it makes life exciting and volatile? In this installment of Touring the Floating Realms, we add Peloria to the mix. Peloria is a wild and wonderful land which will give you many years of entertainment. It is a constantly changing and shifting world where Gaia is known by Her Wrath more so than her calm benevolence. The climate, geography, and landscape matches Her extreme temper.

Peloria is highly prized as a trade route between the rest of the Realms and Voltana; it is a land rich in resources and treasures; and it holds the greatest populations of the Gnomes and Dwarves in the Realms. You will find many basilisks, dragons, and the elusive Rocs that patrol the skies, giant reptiles that wander the lands, and sentient foliage that covers the earth: any one of these things is dangerous, but all three makes life there a challenge. That is not to say that people do not live there, many do. Peloria is well worth the effort for those willing to risk living there.

Click on any of the links for Peloria in this document to get to the Lore page on it. If you are interested in the other parts of the Floating Realms you can check out Angmaria, Voltana, and the story behind the World of Veerith in their respective links.

In the next few weeks we will explore the other Floating Realms, but here is a primer for you for Chizek: the Halflings of Chizek.


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