Touring the Floating Realms, Part 2: The Mighty Voltanans


This is the second post in our series known as our Floating Realms Tour. The first post introduced some features of the Floating Realms, most notably the Floatstone and explored the continent of Angmaria. Today’s post is about the mighty Voltanans. The land where an Iron Sphere guards a Heart of Stone. Three Kingdoms vie for dominance of the land above and below its surface; while two of those Kingdoms compete to be the economic powerhouses of the world. The Three Kingdoms are known as the Consortium controlled by the Goblins, the Mithril Kingdom of the Dwarves, and the Kobish Dynasty of the Kobolds. The Consortium and Mithril Kingdom competed economically, militarily, and socially. The Kobish Dynasty stands neutral, owning much of the richest areas of natural resources in Voltana and providing them to the highest bidder.

The Floating Realms changed quite rapidly after the Sundering. Voltana suffered due to a lack of sunlight and a great deal of precipitation from Chizek and Myrindal, this created a vast tundra that was too difficult to farm and there was no longer a good growing season. The surface agriculture was devastated, at the time they did not have enough land underground to feed the surface dwellers that had to migrate to the caverns. To feed everyone, they had to rely on trade to make up the difference or starve. In the present time, the Simulation Chambers of Voltan have been repurposed to feed everyone in the Three Kingdoms. The Three Kingdoms have become self-sufficient and trade persists because of the wealth it provides. Voltanan Currency is the standard by which all money is measured, distributed and minted by the Bankers of Voltana (a tenuous relationship between the Dwarves and the Goblins). With a unified currency, they are able to finance the greatest projects in the Realms.

Voltana is a highly defensible position and the source of much of the silver and gold before the Sundering; two features that made it the natural bank for the Realms. The Bankers of Voltana still needed a face for their operations, a front-end to get their services to the people. That process led them to Bantar. Bantar was the ideal location for a trade hub in relation to the other realms, so they built warehouses, markets, bazaars, and exchanges all over it. They formed an Alliance with the Traders of Bantar and in that partnership, a Realm-wide Currency and Goods Market was created which they coined the Volban Federation. Nations can rise and fall based on their favor or disfavor, but the Volban Federation (VBF) does not like to interfere with the natural order of commerce, at least not on a large scale.

The Volban Federation (some call them the VBF or the Feds) built a system that spans continents, nations, and species. VBF locations are the best place to house goods, exchanges currency, and prices can be set. At these markets, the price of all goods and services in the Realms are set, fluctuating by supply and demand; their manipulation has made many people very rich. The story about the front-end of the VBF will be saved for another time, today we will start at the back-end: I present to you the Floating Realm of Voltana.

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