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EDIT: This post is no longer valid. Chronos: RTCS was forced to remove all references to it’s name and is now Unchained Heroes. We are only keeping this for posterity.

Raveena the Oracle is watching over this post today. Today was slotted as our official release date for Chronos, but as many of you know, the Digital Version is out in the wild and available for purchase as of last week Thursday night. Today’s post is meant to be a time capsule to talk about where we are and where we plan on going from here. The Chronos: Real Time Combat System is a 364 page full color document that gives you the tools to play with the Real Time Combat System. It is meant to be all inclusive, spanning toolsets and information for Players and Gamemasters alike. The majority of the content provided gives you options for play, letting you choose from multiple races, classes, abilities, skills, monsters, and magical items. I hope to look upon this time capsule in the future and be able to see what is the same and what has changed over the years on how we expanded upon this, what we removed, and what we kept.

Time Capsule: First Products

The first two products to enter into our Time Capsule are the Chronos Fantasy Core Rulebook and the Chronos System Resource Document. The Core Rulebook is the full fledged version of Chronos in all its glory with the culmination of all the content that I have created for the system. The System Resource Document is a comprehensive document covering everything a person would need to play and/or reference Chronos regarding the rules and the system. The System Resource Document will get you started and you would never need anything else, but the Core Rulebook is really where you see the system in action. It is meant to help you draw inspiration from the stories, images, and original system content contained within it.

  • The Chronos Fantasy Core Rulebook is released as a Digital Only version here on our website and here at D20pfsrd here. Print versions are on their way.
  • The Chronos System Resource Document is only available through our website here.

Time Capsule: Supplementary Material

The supplementary material for our time capsule consists of the Printable Character Sheets, the Fillable Character Sheet PDF, and the Combat Timelines of varying lengths. All of these things are available here on our website, but that is not all that we have available. We also have 10 pre-generated characters of each Hero Class and a companion document that contains all the Abilities, Talents, and Magical Items of those Pre-gens. They are for the first One-shot adventure that we ran July 8th over Google Hangouts on Roll20. These Pre-Gens are available through our Chronos Content Link on our Google+ Community.

Time Capsule: Where we are going from here

The products we have available for Chronos create the framework for play and define the system. The products of the future for Chronos Publishing are going to be based on expanding the story of the universe where Chronos was born. It is a rich story based on the 20+ years of gaming that I have enjoyed throughout my life with friends and family. They are going to be manageable Setting Sourcebooks that expand upon the world that you glimpse within the Chronos Core Rulebook. Each one will be limited in scale compared to a Sourcebook that you might see elsewhere, but this will be by design. They are meant to kindle interest and the imagination without constraints. Each Sourcebook will cover a particular Floating Realm, regions that float in space around the core of Veerith, the sundered planet. They will be more than enough to run vibrant campaigns, bringing them to life in the mind of those playing the game.

These Sourcebooks are intended to be system agnostic, meaning they can be used with any game system that you might wish to play, even if it is not Chronos. Only a small portion of each Sourcebook (if any) will be devoted to Chronos System specific content, most often in the form of a unique creature or two that you might encounter in that realm. Non-playable Characters (NPCs) that you might encounter will be thoroughly described in a story based fashion from which any system should then be able to manipulate to coincide with their own. The Sourcebooks will be designed to be timeless, relevant no matter when you might use them.

Work on these Sourcebooks has already begun, but right now the focus will be on getting Chronos out there for people to play. In the beginning of 2015, I plan on tackling the Sourcebooks in depth.

As for more System content such as: New Hero Classes, Races, Techniques, Talents, Magical Items, and Villains. Those areas will come as well, but they will be much more infrequent. I plan on trying to keep the System Content much more static, so that the Core Rulebook is all you would need to play. Any additional System Content would get wrapped up in books with of a substantial size and sold or released for all to use on our Website.

Closing the Time Capsule

That is all I have for the time capsule today. Feel free to ask questions on our Facebook Page, our Google+ Community, or our Website at any time. I am going to work hard on getting the word out there that Chronos is released and ready to play. Print Copies will be available soon and I will notify everyone when that occurs.

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