Veerith: The Living World


The world of Veerith is a living Planetary Entity with great power over all inhabitants of her domain–in both the Anima and Animus Planes. The few beings more powerful than her (in her domain) are god-like beings. Every planet in the Unchained Heroes universe is a living world, all are unique and treat their inhabitants with varying levels of interest. The world of the Floating Realms is no different in that regard, but she has faced the meddling of the Controller and Elder Gods like no Planetary Entity in existence. This is her story.

She is Nature: Giver and Taker of Life

Veerith has many names and among the people of the world she is known as Gaia, Terra, and the Earthmother. She has the power to give and take away life on a large scale. She has created all the beasts and creatures of Veerith, the most extraordinary of these are the Dragons, Werewolves, Spirits and creatures of the Fae. The only things not created by her are the Terrestrial and Celestial Species. She considers all that dwell in her realms her children and she provides for them with her life essence through the plants, animals, atmosphere, and other materials from which she is made.

For all that she gives, she also takes. By forces of Nature, she keeps the circle of life moving upon her. There are many beings that die through natural and unnatural means; and many beings that born. She takes away life without malice; yet she sometimes takes away life as we would swat a fly–to rid her of an annoyance.

The Controller Gods do not rebuke or reward Veerith for her interactions with the inhabitants of her domain. Her choices are unquestioned. When she created the Dragons, raised up the Werebeasts, and fashioned the Fae, there was no resistance from the Controller Gods. Even when she modified the Humans to evolve into Cerebrals or created her Gigas, this was considered part of the natural order of things; Veerith is Nature.

She is One and All

Veerith is many things to many people, both good and bad, but she does not play favorites. She is Nature and she is Mother; she is. She is both all things and none of them. Veerith is keenly aware of the events that transpire upon her being. We are all part of her body, only those that do not eat, breath, sleep, and live on her are unknown to her. After the moment of creation, all things partake of her and through that, become a part of her. Even those beings that would come from another Planetary Entity eventually succumb to being one with her.

To know herself and her charges, she has senses beyond our perceptions, the mana currents are just one aspect of them, but they are a large part. The mana currents feed her the sights, sounds, and various details of every aspect of her body and soul. They span the Anima and Animus, and fuel the magic that courses through existence. It is her lifeblood and senses, all in one. She communicates through the mana currents, attempting to meet the needs of everyone–even though she does not always understand the difference between needs and wants–especially between the more complex sentient species. Through the all species in Nature, she experiences life. All things consume her, all things are a part of her, and all things return to her.

She isn’t Whole

The great struggle that rages in her Universe has come to her far too many times and the Controller Gods have done things to Veerith that other Planetary Entities do not have to endure. The most tragic is the Sundering. The Controller Gods deemed that they had no choice when they Sundered the world to stop the Seven Magi, the act is done, and won’t be undone, but it has wounded her greatly.

In her current state, Veerith is sundered and scattered into a myriad of different pieces. She holds herself together at her core and her Animus is still strong, but her Anima is floating in hundreds of thousands of different pieces in every direction. The effect this has on her is tremendous, her concentration is scattered, her currents are in disarray, and her mind is fragmented. This has the effect of her treating different parts of the world with vastly different methodologies. In a world where a Planetary Entity like her is whole, they have a consistent approach to how they treat their inhabitants, but for her, she is struggling to stay together. Her powerful intelligence is beyond our understanding, but we can sympathize when we think of her as suffering from multiple personalities.

Each Fragment of her is called a Floating Realm and each Fragment has a different portion of her personality. All are loosely linked to her core, but in one Floating Realm she might be very hands on and her Champions like the Dragons, Werebeasts, and Gigas ever present, but in others they might be non-existent. The same thing goes for magical forces. In some realms the ley lines are still strong, but in others they are weak and barely sustaining. No realm has died yet, but among those that know of her plight, they are worried.

Her Champions

There are no beings closer to her than the Dragons. They are her firstborn and her most powerful creatures. After them are the Lycans (Werebeasts) and Gigas. Her Champions do not know Veerith better than the next person; they do not fight for a defined cause; they do not clearly know her wants and needs; but they have one thing all other beings lack and that is her direct influence. Without knowing it, what they do is by her will. Their actions are Her actions, as harmful or beneficial as they might be. From the self-destructive werebeast to a peace-loving gold dragon, all do her will. Like a sentient being, we don’t always do what is best for us, the same goes for Veerith.

Of the three Champions, the Gigas are the only ones that are not born into their role, they are transformed or made. Dragons and Werebeasts are all species and have a natural order to their existence, but Gigas are created by her when she feels a being is fit to be her vessel. They are chosen from the sentient species that possess the Aspects of Body, Mind, and Soul. When they are made her vessel, they are given a new level of sentience and power. It is a metamorphosis that can be quite striking to the recipients and equally unexpected. There are certain things that can be done to make one more likely to become a Gigas, but the process is never guaranteed. Like her Dragon children, there is always a finite power source for her Gigas Champions. The limit is not known though, it is commonly observed that when one dies, another is created.

An Ongoing Tale

Much more will be shared in the future about Veerith, the Floating Realms, and her Champions, but we finish it here for now. It is a story that is forever being built by all who keep it alive. Veerith is a living world and always changing. I can’t wait to see the new realms and entities that you create.