The Cosmic Architecture


The greater cosmic architecture involves ultra-powerful beings, called the Elder Gods. There are no known beings greater than them in the multiverse. They are aligned to nothing and without any morality. With their power, they have created an infinite number of universes; each controlled by a set of Twelve (sometimes less) Controller Gods. These Elder Gods are content with being the Unmoved Movers in most situations, observing the universes they create; while the Controller Gods are the actual creators of the structure within each of these universes. The Elder Gods powers are near limitless with no known force in existence more powerful than they are.

Masters of their Universe

The Controller Gods are near omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient beings within their universe, but their powers do not extend beyond it–a condition of their creation by the Elder Gods. Their origins are always the same: they are created by the Elder Gods within a formless universe; they start as Twelve beings, then there is a conflict where some combine, some get destroyed and some simply decide to vanish. After this reorganization, they are unleashed to create whatever they wish.

In near 100 percent of the universes, this is an immutable fact, yet in the Sundered World of Veerith, the Elder Gods have done more than their fair share of meddling. The Controller Gods on Veerith are aware of their Creators and actively oppose their agenda. There are Seven controller gods on Veerith, five of which are double or combined entities. They are, beginning with the double entities: The Warrior/The Ender, The Elder/The Matron, The Mother/The Father, The Children, The Twins, The Gray, The Outsider. All of them take on separate roles and responsibilities, but there is much overlap between them. They have also created lesser gods that many people pray to and know more readily; sometimes they are aspects of themselves and other times new entities entirely.

The Other Players

On top of the Controller Gods, the Elder Gods created other supra-beings that are not tied to any particular universe, yet are able to interact with all of them. These beings are known as the Titans, of which they created three varieties: the Paladynes, the Dreadnaughts, and the Senoscalh. Their incredible powers are finite, as is their attention, but they are present in all universes at all times. With finite powers, they divide them among many places, trying to extend their influence and combat their brethren wherever they choose to fight. A Titan has powers greater than any single Controller God, but have a difficult time focusing it in one universe. A Titan that brings to bear their full powers and attention within a universe are nearly a match to the Controller Gods, but risks losing a foothold in the greater scheme of their grand plan.


The Paladynes and Dreadnaughts are polar opposites in every way except in terms of good and evil. For the Titans, there is no such thing as Good and Evil as many sentient beings define these notions. However, many of the things that would be associated with good are in the realm of the Paladynes, and many of the things that are associated with evil, are in the realm of the Dreadnaughts. The Senoscalh are the apart from both, only overseeing things, never interfering. They are a little known, but integral part of the picture. They know all and see all, but do not have the power (or the desire) to fight over the universes like their siblings.

Veerith is a Prime World

The Sundered World of Veerith is major focal point of all of these players, making it a great location for intrigue, adventuring, and designing your story. Within this world we have a number of locations to play: The Floating Realms, Eld, Elsett, Dragonreach, and Brinedeep. I encourage you to explore each of these worlds. You can get a glimpse of all of them within this site and we will have more content in the future to expand upon what you find.

As with all things, if you don’t like what you see, feel free to adapt Unchained Heroes to your own game world; I did, Veerith wouldn’t have existed if other game worlds were better suited to my story. You may have the same feelings.