Angmaria is the closest continent to the Core of Veerith and also the largest Floating Realm. In size and area, Angmaria is equal in size to all the Floating Realms combined and floats underneath them all. It is not a destination for any trade routes and is largely an uncharted territory of the Floating Realms. Those that do make it there only speak of it in terrible stories and leave as soon as they can fill their cargo holds with its riches.

The Magi Angmar was a brutal and savage man that chose a land that would match his disposition; Angmaria fit him perfectly. In Angmaria, you face death in every moment; the garbage and debris from the other continents falls upon it in storms to its surface, great creatures similar to dinosaurs roam the land, and as you will soon learn, only the most organized (or savage) survive to live another day.

A Brutal Land

Everything on its surface, including the species that live there, are massive and ferocious. Angmar performed numerous experiments and modifications to the species in his realm to promote aggression, predator behaviors, and pack mentalities. At the time of his destruction, the Angmarian creatures and species were about to be unleashed on the other realms of the Magi, but the Sundering stopped that, separating them by the vast emptiness of the open atmosphere. Instead of fighting the other Magi’s creations, they were freed from their confines and forced to wreak havoc on each other.

The land creatures largely consist of dinosaur like creatures without feathers, a large assortment of basilisks, and top-of-the-food-chain mammals. Among the sentient species, you will find Dragons, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs. Werebeasts, Gnomes, and Halflings are found in small isolated pockets. All of the species are larger than normal. Angmarian Humans stand 8 feet tall, Angmarian Dwarves are 6 feet tall, Angmarian Elves are well-muscled and close to 9 feet tall, and the Gnomes and Halflings are about 4 to 5 feet tall. At first, most of the sentient species lived underground and only rose above the earth to hunt and gather food, but that is no longer the case. Each species adapted in their own way. In a world where dinosaurs roam the lands, volcanoes are often erupting, and there are insects big enough to carry a man away, life is brutal.

The Climate: Volcanoes and Storms

Angmaria is a land of tropical and subtropical forests dotted with large plains where the landscape is repeatedly leveled from volcanic eruptions and violent electrical storms. So close to the core, Angmaria is subject to intense electrical storms that frequently come out of nowhere, dumping more electricity onto the plains than rain. In addition, they have great tropical storms and volcanic eruptions on a regular basis. The safest place to live is underground, but only in places far away from the shifting tectonic plates. It is hot and humid all the time, making it feel oppressive to anyone not native to the land.

If natural disasters were not enough, the garbage from the Realms above lands on Angmaria in Refuse Storms. Depending on the type of refuse, it can be mild or quite deadly. Refuse Storms are actually a more welcome occurrence than the random objects that fall from the sky, they at least give you warning by the blackened or darkened sky before they land, but a high velocity rock that fell from the bottom side of Chizek gives no warning or reference as it comes smashing down to crush you even in a clear blue sky.

Volcanoes dot the landscape in all parts of Angmaria, with a truly giant and violent volcano in the center of the continent. It is known as Earthrender Mountain. Its eruptions are random and frequent; and its always churning with red hot flames and lava bursts that can be seen from many leagues away. The only ones brave (or foolish enough) to live near it are the Orcs.


Adapting and finding Shelter

The Climate of Angmaria has forced physical and behavioral adaptations to those that live upon it, both man and beast. All the dinosaur-like creatures of Angmaria have attained a high level of resistance to the electrical storms and have thick armored plating. Mammals and smaller creatures use the terrain, their natural speed, and an eye always looking to the sky to avoid what they can. The plant life on Angmaria is thick, strong, resilient, and fire resistant. Banthawood trees (perfect for airships) are the most common tree on Angmaria. It provides shelter and protection for many species, and here, unlike in the rest of the Floating Realms, the Banthawood trees are allowed to grow to their full size of near 30 feet in diameter so they may be hollowed out and used as shelter. This provides a greater degree of protection for anyone that uses them as a home, since they are impervious to many of the things Angmaria throws at them.

The sentient humanoid species have all found their own methods to live in Angmaria. The Dwarves live in shallow tunnels and hillside buildings, using the earth as a protector. They cover themselves in thick armor and prefer to use self-sustaining small gardens to keep themselves nourished. Dwarves on Angmaria value trade, protection, ingenuity and stability. They are quick to take on tried and true survival methods of other species to stay alive.

The Elves put their faith in the protection of the Banthawood forests, living among them, and carving homes out of their large trunks. Their lives are physically demanding and hard, as most of the creatures of Angmaria live in these regions, so there is stiff competition for food. Everything is deadly in the Banthawood Tropical Forests, including the Elves, but there is also a great bounty available for those that can handle the danger. Elves on Angmaria value freedom more than anything else.

The Humans have taken a calculated risk to live in the storm ravaged plains of Angmaria and so far, their society is flourishing for it. They have figured out the regions where they are least likely to experience Refuse Storms, built Lightning Conduits to focus the strikes of lightning from Electrical Storms, and have created Skywatcher Patrols led by Blue Knights that warn of impending danger. Their cities are the largest, their society is the most cohesive, and their lives the most structured of all the Angmarian species.

The Halflings and Gnomes are too few too speak about. They are present on Angmaria and have lived here for years, but as far as anyone knows, their species are in decline. There are rumors about their whereabouts, but nothing confirmed.

Werebeasts live closely and intermingled with the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. Their bestial appearance is no more unnerving to an Angmarian than anything else, and they blend in well with other cultures. They often form close packs with each other, but are largely considered part of the nation they live with.

Orc-Chief-Final-HHGThe Pinnacle of Creation

Angmar believed the Orcs to be the pinnacle of creation. The many Orcs that are found on Angmaria are more powerful, brutal, and intelligent than in other Realms, due in large part to Angmar’s handiwork. Already quite formidable on their own, he gave them a prolific reproductive capacity that produces 2 to 3 children per pregnancy, a shortened child gestation period of 3 months, and they mature to full adulthood by the age of 13. They live for 3000 years, knowing the day and hour of their death, but none desire to live that long; death in battle for glory is their highest honor. This bloodlust alone made the Orcs Angmar’s favorite.

On Angmar, the Orcs have flourished, living on the surface of the world from the day of the Sundering; never retreating from the onslaught of the world around them. They thrive on conflict, yet can work together surprisingly well. Their magic and sciences has given them dominion of over half of the known landmass of Angmaria, united in purpose by their Technomancers. The Technomancers are the highest caste of Orc society, providing technological advancements as well as magical advancements to everyone; with society (and their personal coffers) reaping the benefits. They use magic to protect their armies, hunting parties, and warbands; while employing great scientific marvels to protect their cities. Resilient self-repairing netting spans the sky and is used to guard stationary structures and farmlands from Refuse Storms. To maximize the area protected by the netting, great towering gardens are used. Tents and structures are treated with fire retardant products and a vast series of channels guide lava down safe pathways.

The Orcs do not share their technomagic, they keep it a closely guarded secret and, as of right now, internal conflicts dominate their society. Outside conflicts are too much of a hassle. Their clashes against the Angmarian Humans, Dwarves, and Elves makes them reluctant to attack anyone else, because the Terran Union has proven to be formidable foes. What they do not know (thankfully for the rest of The Floating Realms) is that almost no one in the 6 other Floating Realms could stand against their might. Thankfully for the Angmarians, there has not been an Orc strong enough to unite the various nations under one banner.

United against The Enemy

The Humans, Dwarves, and Elves are disparate cultures, united under one common threat, the neverending sea of the Orcs. They work together in trade, war, and technology to fend off threats, calling themselves the Terran Union. Thankfully, the Orcs love fighting amongst themselves, so there is plenty of internal conflict to keep them busy, but Orc armies are known to sweep through the lands and when that occurs, the only way to defeat them is through a united effort. The Terran Union works to try to match the Technomagic of the Orcs, but have not yet mastered it. The closest ones to understanding Technomagic at this time are the Humans, followed closely by the Dwarves. The Elves are not interested in Technomagic, instead sporting the highest number of Gigas anywhere in the world. It is as if they live and breath the will of Gaia.

The Terran Union is not a well-oiled alliance, no matter how it might read, there is much that is lacking in their organization. It is best suited as a military alliance. Loose rules govern trade and the exchange of ideas, but cultural differences pop up too often for them to form a strong bond. The slightest insult can set back trade negotiations and the Elves are constantly blaming the Humans for some unknown slight.

Angmaria, the Land of Opportunity

For all its challenges, Angmaria is a land of rich natural resources that literally burst from the ground. Each volcanic eruption, earthquake, and Refuse Storm brings riches, minerals, and other goods for the taking. The other Floating Realms are well aware of this and would love to exploit their natural resources, but have not yet found a way to do so without great risk to the expedition. For those persons willing to take a chance at it, adventure awaits!