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How was it created?

I created the Floating Realms 17 years ago while playing with my good friends Gregg and Justin. We were looking for a setting were we could build worlds within worlds to craft different micro-settings; all united in one location, without needing to travel the planes of existence. In the end we crafted a place that allows us to stay on Veerith and easily travel the planes.

The Floating Realms is one half of the hemisphere of the planet Veerith. It is one of many planets in this Universe, but the core story-lines of the Unchained Heroes universe is based on Veerith. It is a world torn apart. At its center is a great mass of churning energy, a magma ball that creates a massive amount of gravitational pull and electrical current. Floating around this great mass are floating continents and islands, with nothing between each other but empty atmosphere. Some lands are within sight of each other, while others are so far apart that anyone that it would seem like the world ends at the edge of their continent.

About its Origins

The Floating Realms were not always so, they were once a whole planet, but the Seven Magi changed that forever when their plans for domination and godhood controlled an entire hemisphere of Veerith. The Controller Gods put an end to this through the Sundering, smiting the Magi, and splitting apart the world. Whole oceans were destroyed, mountains ripped apart, and great cities were flattened; it was their last resort–anything less would have not have penetrated their defenses.

While the Floating Realms are only one hemisphere of the entire planet of Veerith, among the people that live there, they are the only accessible Realms. After the Sundering, the Seven Floating Realms were named by their people in accordance with their Magi. Cyrind’s domain, the Lady of the Elves, became Cyrindia; Myrind’s domain, the Sorcerer Emperor, became Myrindal; Bantar’s domain, the desert wastes of the Halflings, became Bantar; Chizek’s domain, the lush mountainous forests and temperate farmland of the Were-beasts and Halflings, became Chizek; Pelor’s vibrant and varied domain of the dwarves and gnomes became Peloria; Voltan’s stronghold became the dwarven hold of Voltana; Angmar’s glorious and savage domain of giant creatures became the realm of Angmaria.

The Seven Floating Realms float in an orbit around the Core in a fashion that has befuddled attempts to find any other continents. Compounding this situation, a quasi-dimensional Hall of the Worlds, only contain doors that lead to other areas of the Floating Realms.

The Floating Realms are home to cutting edge of high fantasy commerce, technology, and politics. Their commerce is unified under the Voltanan Currency, as managed by the insular Bankers of Voltana. There are those that are trying to compete with them, but failing. Floating Realms technology peaks at early 20th Century Earth industrial methods in a few places with much of the world falling in a medieval or middle eastern feel from the 15th and 16th Century Earth. This technology often mixes magic with science, culminating in the airship and the airship lines that traverse the realms. The politics of the world are of an epic global scale; some regions are more isolated than others, but all are touched by the constant struggle with the ever-present Imperial Navy of Myrindal mucking about and the Elven Sentinels opposing them.


Notable Locations

Cyrindia is the uppermost realm in both political influence and location. It is a temperate land with some arctic regions. It is ruled by the Elves and is a place of peace for all those that wish to live there under their laws. The Elves of Cyrindia play a complex role in world affairs, seeking to use their influence before military might, but are not opposed to aggression when it suits their purpose. Their population consists of Elves in the majority, with other species peppering their ranks.

Myrindal is the home of the Red Empire, known around the Realms as the Imperials. They have always been a human-centric society with little tolerance for the other species. They are primarily Human, with other species as servants, serfs, or slaves. They can be likened to the Roman Empire of Earth in structure and might, but without anything to romanticize. They are intolerant, bent on conquest, and act superior to all. The continent varies from temperate to sub-tropical and contains the second largest natural body of water left in the Floating Realms. Much of the precipitation for Chizek and Voltana comes from its perpetually flowing waterfall. It’s source of water is said to come from the elemental plane of water, but it is so deep, that none have been able to confirm that.

Bantar is the central Floating Realm, positioned perfectly as a destination of all the Airship Trade Routes in the Realms. As an arid desert climate like the Middle East and Northern African Regions of Earth on its eastern edge side and a sub-tropical to temperate climate on its western side. They are divided by massive mountains that affect weather patterns and prevent clouds from passing to the desert regions. Bantar’s eastern side is heavily populated, regardless of its climate since it has massive deposits of floatstones which are used to create Airships. Life is difficult to sustain in the eastern regions, but commerce flourishes there. There is no such thing as legal or illegal when it comes to good and services on Bantar, just about anything goes.

Chizek is a continent that is off the beaten path of many of the trade routes of the Floating Realms. This relative solitude allows them the opportunity to have a unique culture and society, free of outside influence. They are an Empire exclusively populated with the Halflings species and their society has been uniquely shaped by the Magi Chizek. It is also home to the largest population of Ogres in the Floating Realms, living in remote portions of the lands considered taboo by the highly spiritual Halflings. The society of Chizek is highly spiritual, feudalistic, and insular with an emphasis on duty to the community before the self, but times are changing.

Peloria is the perennial hotbed of conflict in the Floating Realms. The continent is the home of the majority of Gnomes and Dwarves in the Realms. This continent is rich in natural resources and they are easily accessible, making it a hotbed of conflict. There are two Dwarven Kingdoms in Peloria and one Gnomish Kingdom, but they have a relatively small region of influence. Most of Peloria is still considered wild. Many people looking to find adventure and make a new life have come to Peloria, making it a melting pot of various cultures and species. It has many unexplored areas and home to a wide variety of ruins from ancient civilizations. Peloria’s climate ranges from Temperate to Tropical, and is well-suited to farming.  It also has strategic value as being on the Airship Trade Routes that pass through Peloria to Voltana.

Voltana is the second last continent in regards to the proximity to the core of Veerith, while their economic and military influence would put them at the top of the Floating Realms. The Goblins and Dwarves of Voltana are the Bankers of the Floating Realms, hailing their land as the most secure location in the world. The only politics the Voltanan Kingdoms take part in, are their own. The Dwarves and Goblins have agreed to stay neutral in all affairs of the Floating Realms that would destabilize commerce; something they hold to with a good deal of consistency. The Dwarven military, is thought to be the strongest in the world, but has never been used against a force from another Floating Realm. No one has chosen to attack them yet either, this is in part, because they are protected by the most powerful battery of cannons and airships in the Floating Realms, known as the Iron Sphere; only a fool would test these Floating Citadels of destruction.

Angmaria is the closest continent to the Core of Veerith and largest of all the continents in the Floating Realms. It is equal in size to all the Floating Realms combined and floats underneath them. It is not a destination of any of the Airship Trade Routes and the other Realms consider it an uncharted and unclaimed territory. It’s too far for most of the Realms to reach and those that have gone there and made it back are terrified of the place. In Angmaria, you face the chance for death at any moment as the garbage and debris from the other continents falls on its surface. Everything on its surface, including the races that live there, are massive and savage. Angmarian Humans stand 8 to 9 feet tall, Angmarian Dwarves are typically over 6 feet tall, the Elves are well-muscled and close to 9 feet tall, with the Gnomes and Halflings of comparable sizes. Dinosaurs roam the lands, volcanoes are often erupting, there are insects big enough to carry a man away.

And Many More…

With this world structure, the campaigns are endless, you have the option to follow with the standard canon of the world, make your own floating continent, or scrapping it entirely for your home-grown universe. If you don’t like Veerith, that’s ok. Veerith is just one of the many planets among one of the many universes you may use as a home for your adventures. Unchained Heroes uses a Multiverse concept and I highly encourage you to build your own regions and worlds. That is its greatest feature! It is a cohesive multiverse that doesn’t force you to travel to any other worlds.

There are many more Floating Realms that I have created and for you to create. You don’t need to be burdened by my metaplot, make your own Floating Realm and insert it into the Unchained Heroes universe. We would love to have it!