Canticle of Darkness


On the Floating Realm of Elsett, this story known as the Canticle of Darkness has been passed down verbally through the ages. It tells the story of how the land became afflicted with the plague of Undeath they suffer against today.

The Canticle of Darkness, Author Unknown

In the days of Light, the Lords of Light grew complacent and corrupt. They neglected their people and there was no justice for men to be found in their lands. The Lords of Darkness gathered their power and drove the Lords of Light from their strongholds like chaff in a great wind, causing them to flee across the great sea into the Rising Sun. Man rejoiced at the fate of the Lords of Light, for they cast a shadow on men’s hearts that was too heavy to bear and the Lords of Darkness were embraced as saviors.

The Lords of Darkness ruled from the North for many generations, for they did not live a mortal’s span. Under the All-Father and Great Lord of Darkness Cain, their rule was just and the Great Freedom was given to all. Man lived peacefully and the Lords of Darkness curbed their hunger. In return, Man gladly gave of vitae unto them and all prospered. Yet among the Lords of Darkness there were those that were not pleased. They saw Man as nothing more than food and tired of the Great Freedom that allowed Man to choose his own destiny. They plotted in the dark places of the world, away from the hearing of the Great Lord Cain and the Brotherhood, until their the time was right. Knowing they could not kill their All-Father–for their lives were tied to his–the Lords had plotted to imprison him. They promised wealth and power beyond imagining to any who would betray the All-Father and the wicked and weak agreed.

And so came the day of the last Dawn. The All-Father lay within the earth as the Sun rose, as all of his kindred must, and the Lords struck. The servants of the Lords of Darkness cast mighty spells, a Shroud fell over the Sun and the sky grew dark. The Lords walked under the Shroud of Night to where the All-Father lay and imprisoned him with powerful ancient spells of Binding. Great Lord Cain was enraged.

And so came the Second Rage, like the First against his Brother, but deadlier still. His Rage boiled and its intensity was so great that it killed hundreds of Lords in the span of a breath. Yet the prison held and so His Rage continued. The earth shook and split asunder as His body quaked with anger. Yet still the prison held and so His Rage continued. The All-Father’s heart bursting from betrayal caused the hearts of Lords to match his plight. Their hearts burst into flames, turning to ashes in their chest and striking them dead for eternity. Yet still the prison held and so his Rage continued. The mana current scorched the earth upon which the Lords stood and more hundreds more fell, matching his fury. Yet still the prison held and so his Rage continued. And so with his mote of strength he called forth the Blood Curse to cleanse the earth of his kindred, but the All-Father’s power was twisted by the ancient magics binding Him. The power of the Blood was altered. When the Blood power mingled with the Blood of the Terra it did not respond as He wished. At this moment, the deep currents burst asunder. Blood called to Blood, but was unable to answer his request. Pushed to the brink by His power, the world was tilted and its orbit skewed. The Second Rage ended and so began the Endless Night.

With the coming of the Endless Night, the All-Father’s Rage could no longer sustain him, his power was spent and so he spoke unto his kindred, “Your time is short, my Rage shall fall upon thee threefold and thou shalt be destroyed.” And so the All-Father slept. The Lords of Darkness dismissed the words of their creator and All-Father. They rejoiced in their plan and their servants quivered and danced and performed great wickedness in anticipation of the days ahead. The Great Freedom had ended and Man wept each night in prayer for a Dawn that never came. The sun could rise no more, for the Rage of the All-Father had tipped the world and its face was hidden from the Light.

Where there were once many Lords of Darkness there were now 99 and they ruled a world where the Sun would never rise again. They traversed the lands unhindered by law or light and feasted until their bellies were bloated with the lifeblood of the Living. The Brotherhood of Cain, his most faithful servants, were driven before them, their lot was to either hide or be slaughtered. The Lords of Darkness forced Man to toil endlessly in the Night and they were well pleased.

The revelry of the Lords did not last forever and they grew bored with their new world. Their great power not enough, the Lords of Darkness wished to bring forth the Abyss into this world, the source of their unholy power. They heard the counsel of their darkest brethren and set upon a task that required the lives of the Living and so the One Hundred Days of Blood began. No man, woman, or child was safe. They were hunted like animals and sacrificed for this unholy act. All were taken to the Temple of the Night. For one hundred dreadful days, the wailing of the slain echoed throughout the land and in the dreams of those that survived. In Blood their rein began, in Blood their reign was bathed and the ritual was completed. And so it came to pass that the Lords drew the Abyss into the world and with it the days of True Darkness. The land was pitched into the Abyss and a maw always wide and hungry for the living.

With the coming of the True Darkness came the Undeath and the Undeath began to devour us all. The dead walked and hungered for life. The living trembled and fled, but found no solace where there was no Light. The Lords of Darkness felt the might of the Abyss flow within their veins and so they basked in their power. They granted protection to those they favored and eternal Undeath to those that opposed them. All Men faced death with a new terror. The Lords of Darkness swelled their numbers with the faithful. Despair and Terror reigned. 

Yet the True Darkness was not to last. It’s time was short, though its effects endure. And so as the Lords of Darkness were empowered by the Abyss, the All-Father and the First Lord of Darkness also felt its effects. For a generation and a day the Great Lord Cain was strengthened. On the day forever known as Sunday, the Great Lord Cain unleashed the Third Rage. His might shook the lands until the Sun bore its face upon Man again.  Dawn came and cast its rays on the land upon which the Lords of Darkness stood. They were destroyed where the Sun cast its rays, but again 99 remained. They fled before the Dawn and hid in the North, where the Sun was want to shine.

And so began the New Dawn. In the New Dawn, Man did not quiver idly in terror. The All-Father had given us back the Sun. The land was divided into the Light, the Twilight and the Night.

We now stand in the Light facing the Twilight and beyond that, the encroaching Night. We the Sons of Light face the Lords of Darkness to take back our land. May the Great Lord Cain return to us and guide our steps in these dark times. Amen.