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I had an idea for a campaign where my friends were going to be a rascally pirate crew, but none of the existing Floating Realms had a body of water large enough for the scope of the campaign. So with Kurt’s encouragement, I decided to make my own addition to the Floating Realms.

One great thing about having a huge ocean as your playground is you can always make some unchartered island to fit your questing needs.

Notable History

Brinedeep was discovered by Andulas Grimald, the Elvish airship captain of the Queen’s Ransom. Grimald is still alive and adventuring but has long since abandoned Brinedeep for other destinations.

Once knowledge of Brinedeep spread, politicians in Myrindal deemed it a hellish enough place to start a penal colony. This penal colony was the first settlement on Brinedeep and eventually grew into the wretched hive of scum and villiany that it is known as Port of Flesh.

From Port of Flesh the population spread out to start other settlements – first Blackwatch, then Port Ransom, then Valetta, Verona and Vincennes. As these cities were being settled, various islands were also being colonized. When the Dread Knights first came to Brinedeep is unknown, but they are the unsung heroes of this realm.

When the angel Raziel came to this plane of existence and saw the debauchery and violence that took place on Brinedeep, he was convinced that the only solution was to wipe out all humanoid life on the realm. In the middle of the eastern ocean, he formed The Maelstrom. The Maelstrom is a churning mass of nature that was the perfect weapon to destroy Brinedeep. Only the brave actions of Dread Sister Kira Thornwood stopped Raziel that day. Leaping from the highest tower on the lost island of Cadronus, Sister Kira drove her lance through Raziel’s heart. Kira and Raziel were locked in combat in the air above The Maelstrom. Only the power Kira drew from her Dreadnaught kept her from falling into the angry sea below. Both combatants, exhausted and mortally wounded from their battle, fell into The Maelstrom and were destroyed. Raziel’s death, however, stopped the Maelstrom from continuing on its course. It is still in the eastern ocean, but has not moved since the angel’s demise.

The cities of Verona, Valetta, and Vincennes became glorious centers of commerce. The greatest of these was Vincennes. At its zenith, it was said that Vincennes was said to have streets paved with marble stone and golden statues watched over the city from the rooftops. This prosperity was not meant to last. High above Vincennes in the mountains, a necromancer named D’jaris Gorgreal looked down upon the golden city with a sinister plan. Gorgreal systematically turned the city’s inhabitants into undead. Those that weren’t changed outright were eventually picked off by the newly undead. Gorgreal is rumored to have eventually transformed into a lich, roaming the city to this day with his army. Untold riches await the adventurers who would brave the ruins of Vincennes, but they would have to be cautious not to be turned into undead minions themselves.


The majority of the map is dominated by ocean, of course. Tall, unscalable mountains surround the edge of Brinedeep. These mountains keep the ocean within contained. There are a some flatlands that hold civilization, but they are far and few between. The ocean itself has several charted island chains, and some larger, individual islands.

There are three smaller bodies of water – The Glass Sea, the calm waters south of Port Ransom, The Stormwell, the violent sea north of Terebellum, and The Twin Seas, dark and treacherous, that are south of Verona and Valetta.

The few patches of earth that are not mountainous and have been discovered almost all have a settlement on them. Much of the land is tropical jungle and hill land, but what land could be turned into farms has been.

Brinedeep’s collection of city states have little interaction with each other, with the exception of trading precious resources. Brinedeep depends heavily on trade – between cities and from other Floating Realms. Resources are scarce on Brinedeep, due to the lack of arable land. There is only one forest in all of Brinedeep – the Witch Wood.


The climate of Brinedeep is sub-tropical. It is pleasantly warm throughout most of the year, with the exception of the monsoon season in which it is cold and rainy.

The plant life is tropical as well. Smaller jungle areas on islands are not uncommon. It is important to note there are several species of sentient plants, many of which are dangerous to other life forms.

Much of the fauna of Brinedeep is unique to the region.


The population of Brinedeep is very diverse. All humanoid species – human, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome – can be found in its cities and as crewmembers of ships. There is also a small clan of Ogres that can be found on a chain of islands just north of the Ransom Coast.

Port Ransom is the most populated area in Brinedeep, and arguably the most civilized. Port Ransom is in the same vein as your typical fantasy setting city – it has separate districts for trade, learning, and spiritual services. The residential districts are divided by wealth – lowest, low, middle, and high income. There are some unique areas of the city however – Little Chizek district is home to refugees from Chizek’s Second Demon War. The district is populated with halflings who wished for a new start after the violence they experienced at home.

The Port of Flesh is the opposite of Port Ransom. In the Port of Flesh, nothing is illegal. You can sell or buy anything. You can do anything as well, just remember that anyone can do anything to you in return. The Port is most famous for its slave block – 1000’s of slaves are moved through the Port of Flesh annually. The other unusual thing that the Port is known for is its Unmovable Fleet – a winding sea wall made of wrecked ships stacked on top of each other. These shipwrecks protect the Port, which looks down on the ocean from a sheer cliff, from any ocean threats.

Terebellum, while not a city, is still an important location in Brinedeep. Terebellum is a Dread Citadel, housing over a hundred Dread Knights at any time. Normally, Dread Citadels are not easily located and do not have a trained group of Dread Knights at their location. Unknown to anyone not in their order, beneath the Citadel at Terebellum is a slumbering Dreadnaught. Only through the constant ministrations of Dread Knights at this location can siphon off enough power from the being to keep it slumbering in its prison. If the Knights were to stop, the Dreadnaught would be unleashed back into the material plane and bring devastation to Brinedeep.

Blackwatch could arguably be said to the be most important city for the Brinedeep economy. Blackwatch shares a border with the Witch Wood forest, the only source of lumber on all of Brinedeep and necessary for the building of ships.

I’m On A Boat!

If your gaming group would like to try out their sea legs, please feel free to adapt this for your campaign’s needs (and let me know how it goes!). I have a few additional posts planned to flesh out Brinedeep even further, so keep your eye out for more pirate goodness.

– Jenn Patz