The Lore


Unchained Heroes takes place in a high-fantasy style world with a little bit of steampunk technology mixed into it. The stories contained within Unchained Heroes are based on the Floating Realms, but you may fit them in wherever you like, this is Unchained Heroes Lore, but it’s made alive by those that play it. The Unchained Heroes Core Rulebook keeps the stories and flavor text open to interpretation and where there is specifics, you can feel free to wrestle with them to fit into your universe. The Floating Realms gives me a great big canvas to explore and it is near and dear to my heart.

I created the Floating Realms 17 years ago while playing with my good friends Gregg and Justin. We were looking for a world where there were worlds within worlds, so we could have completely different experiences without needing to travel the planes of existence. In the end we did both. The Floating Realms is all that are left of the once whole planet called Veerith. It is one of many planets in this Universe, but the main story of the characters we have played has always resided here. Imagine a world that is torn apart and at it’s center is a great mass of churning energy, a magma ball that creates a massive amount of gravity and electrical current, and floating around this great mass are chunks of earth, with nothing in between each other but empty atmosphere. Some are within sight of each other and others are so far apart or so remote, that anyone that would live on these masses of earth would feel like the world ends at the edge of their continent. The Realms looks like a giant Plasma Globe, those globes that shoot out electricity in every direction and upon touching their glass surface, the electricity streaks to your palm.

The Floating Realms were not always a giant Plasma Globe, they were once a whole planet, but the Seven Magi changed that forever when they dominated a hemisphere of Veerith and sought to conquer others. The Controller Gods, put an end to this through the Sundering, smiting the Magi and separating their territories from each other and from anything else. Whole oceans were destroyed, mountains ripped apart, and great cities fell. While the Floating Realms is the entire planet of Veerith, the hemisphere where the Seven where located is what is commonly considered the Floating Realms by the people that live there. In their minds, there is nothing else but the Seven Floating Realms.

The Seven Floating Realms were named by their people in accordance with their Magi. Cyrind’s domain, the lord of the Elves became Cyrindia; Myrind’s domain, the Sorcerer Emperor became Myrindal; Bantar’s domain, the desert wastes of the Halflings became Bantar; Chizek’s domain, the lush mountainous forests and temperate farmland of the Were-beasts and Halflings became Chizek; Pelor’s vibrant and varied domain of the dwarves and gnomes became Peloria; Voltan stronghold became the dwarven hold of Voltana; Angmar’s glorious and savage domain of giant men and women of all sorts became the super realm of Angmaria.

The Seven Floating Realms are not the only realms by far, there is the Prison realm of Elsett, created to hold the Ogres and Vampires for their crimes against the realms. There is the Pirate Realm of Brinedeep, a vast ocean surrounded by mountains and infested with Pirates and Buccaneers. Then there is the deadly Dragonreach, a land of man-eating insects, trees that feast on flesh, rivers that run the color of blood, and death around every corner.

I give you today a little taste of the setting where Unchained Heroes has grown and flourished. That should be enough to wet your appetite. There are epic stories of bravery, floatstone drops, elf infested banthawood forests, smack talking princesses with roguish tendencies, cargo tossing-Gregor-crushing 100-lb oracles, and psychotic death dealing choke-hugging halflings. As you can tell there are many more stories to come.