Tactical Advantages



From the moment you begin playing Unchained Heroes you are going to have a wealth of options available to you, one of those areas where we expand upon your options is a Hero Class’s Tactical Advantages. Not only do you get many Abilities to choose from, you also get ways to modify, enhance, and empower those Abilities to perform far beyond their normal limits. Tactical Advantages act like Abilities, but are powered by Tactical Points rather than Energy. Want to make your weapon strike occur as an Instant? We have a Tactical Advantage that does that. Want to vanish from one part of the Battlefield to the next? We have one that does that too.

Tactical Advantages are meant to be a way to spice up the action for you. Every member of the Hero Class you choose has the same Tactical Advantages, making it easy to familiarize yourself with them. Some Tactical Advantages enhance your action in progress by making it faster, changing it into an instant, causing it to deal more damage, or forcing it to be an automatic hit. Those Tactical Advantages that enhance are like Vector Abilities and operate along the same lines; you use them when you declare an Action to grant the additional Effect. There are also many reactionary, defensive, and movement based Tactical Advantages. Some allow you to teleport, some allow you to nullify oncoming attacks, and others allow you to counter the powers of your foes. Some even give a boost or “Second Wind” to keep fighting.

How do we make these Tactical Advantages happen? That is through the use of the Tactical Points concept. Tactical Points only accrue while you are in a combat encounter and they build up based on the actions you take, so the more you do, the more often you can spend them to use Tactical Advantages. If you are always doing something, you will get 2-3 Tactical Points every 15 time intervals on the Combat Timeline. Other Abilities and Techniques will give you ways to increase your Tactical Points and it is to your advantage to use them. They are also a way to get back some Energy late in a fight when your Energy Pool is at its lowest levels. An action called the Tide of Battle, lets you assess the situation and spend any amount of Tactical Points to gain some Energy back, kind of like a mini-break in the action to restore your fighting spirit.

Here are some Tactical Advantage Examples:


You alter the perceptions of everyone around you, resulting in your action occurring before anyone would suspect.

Effect: Your Current Action gains a +5 MISC MOD to Speed. If this would reduce the AT of the Action to 0 or less it becomes an Instant and you suffer the Exhausted Condition.

Masochistic Impulse

You short circuit the brain’s reasoning and muscular systems, making them find pleasure in hurting themselves.

Effect: The Combatant must use their current Onslaught or Basic Attack as an Instant upon themselves. Combatant must include themselves in any AoE Action. Combatant is not inflicted with the Exhausted or Weakened Condition from this Ability.

Mind Crush

Powerful psychic forces overload your target’s mind.

Effect: Your Current Supernatural Action is an Automatic Hit in addition to any other Effects. You still roll to determine Critical Effects.