Synergy Bonus



In Unchained Heroes, strategic use of abilities and actions are rewarded with fantastic effects and powerful twists. Setup and coordination are two key elements to help reap these rewards. To encourage these elements, a mechanic called the Synergy Bonus is used by Heroes and Villains alike. It is in the best interest of the combatants to work towards those combos and for their opponents to stop them from happening. Those interested breaking those combos need to dispel, counter, stun, and mitigate their effects as soon as possible. The Game System does not assume that you will always be able to use the Synergy Bonus, but when you do, it will reward you. The intent is to put meaning and consequences behind each action, whether it is failing to remove a condition on an Ally or getting to trigger an Automatic Hit on your Foe. Conversely, your GM is encouraged to provide challenges that will push your ingenuity to new heights.

The Synergy Bonus applies when certain circumstances are met when using the Action. It can be having a condition present on your target, using a particular action in close proximity to another action, having a particular item equipped, and so on. The Synergy Bonus makes your action a lot stronger than it would be by itself. They encourage you and your allies to work together to make the sum of your actions greater than the individual parts and they pave the way for future game mechanics that will make combat even more exciting. Bleeding foes can cause you to go berserk with bloodlust, wounded allies can trigger devastating attacks from villains, and the cover of darkness can give the rogue the edge they need to vanish from sight. It is equally as satisfying when you realize you can perform that combo breaker on your opponent by countering the action they have spent so much time preparing.

Here are just a few examples of their incredible potential:

From the Cleric’s Divine Wrath Ability – Synergy Bonus: (Balance Clerics Only) This Action causes a +10 PWR MOD to CRIT on the next Divine Wrath spell used within 15TI. This Action may ignore the CRIT limit.

From the Dread Knight’s Blade of Impending Doom Ability – Synergy Bonus: If Torrent is used in conjunction with the Blade of Impending Doom, the Action is an Automatic Hit.

From the Oracle’s Neural Sledgehammer Ability – Synergy Bonus: If this Action is used while you are within the Astral Plane, your Current Action gains a +2 MISC MOD to its Weapon Dice Pool.

From the Sorcerer’s Immolate Ability – Synergy Bonus: If the Combatant is suffering Magnify, your Action is an Automatic Hit and Dispels the Magnify Condition. If this Action is Declared immediately after your Elemental Blast Ability, this Action gains a +1 MISC MOD to its Ability
Dice Pool.