tarin01aWhy would people want to play a Warrior?

The Warrior is the head kicking, full plate wearing, weapon swinging, Sherman tank of the battlefield.  They greet their enemies with a swift blow to the temple and a shiny sword through their guts. Be it with a shield or a second weapon, they demoralize and decimate their enemies with stunning battlefield tactics, superior skill, and intensity. The Warrior leads and others follow. On top of being able to create a cyclone of steel wherever they go, they can rally their allies to new heights, help them find weaknesses where there doesn’t look like any exist, and position themselves for a winning stroke. Play a Warrior if you don’t think you need fancy spells, help from something supernatural to get things done and get it done with style.

What does the Warrior bring to Game Night?

The Warrior is a Champion so right off the bat they have all the tools to keep people alive and protect their allies, but on top of being a protector, the Warrior is designed to be able to be played as a Vanguard, so they have the best of both worlds. In addition to all the bells and whistles for a Champion and Vanguard, they also have incredible support abilities that allow allies to make additional attacks, grant them extra TP, sow chaos in their enemies, and keep on the heels of your quarry no matter where they try to hide.

The Warrior class shines on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean they are a slouch off of it. They are often the best suited to take the Talents involving crafting and increasing Character Skills rather than the magical Talents. They make a great spokesperson and overall leader for the group both on and off the battlefield.

Where does the Warrior fit into the Game World?

The Warrior fills the role of the non-magical hero that everyone knows and loves. They come from all walks of life and do not require training from a rare tome or need a special talent to become one of their ranks. The Warrior only requires determination and some initial combat training to begin. There are a lot of places for a warrior to train and pick up the trade as there is always a need for more people in mercenary companies or standing armies. Once a person gets the training, there is no telling where the warrior may take their skills next: some may become bandits; some sell-swords; some guardsmen; some soldiers.

There are a lot of Warriors in the world, but that does not make them commonplace. The person you would call a True Warrior is a rare and precious thing. As a Hero Class, the Warrior will most likely fit into that category. The exceptional Warriors were likely forged under extraordinary circumstances: they may have had a master guardsman as a teacher, practiced day and night from early childhood while dreaming of one day becoming a great knight, or are an incredible natural talent.

We portray the warrior as a noble warrior and knight, but that is not always the case. They can be as tyrannical and terrible as the next guy. They can also be as selfish and mercenary as the common street thug. The Warrior has many options and storylines to explore.