Why would people want to play a Visceral?

The Visceral is a head kicking, face smashing, monster that uses sheer force and brutality as a weapon. Pure ferocity only begins to describe the Visceral. Naming a few of their abilities should give you an idea: Pulverize, Brutalize, Destroyer, Ferocity, Dragon Breath, Juggernaut, and the list goes on. They can be played as a monkish individual that holds back their ferocity behind the dam of training and meditation, a battle axe wielding berserker that tears through their opponents one limb at a time, or behave like a mother bear protecting her allies as she would her own cubs. Choose the Visceral Class if you prefer to lead from the front, with fist or sword, and have some of the highest survivability in the game.

What does the Visceral bring to Game Night?

The Visceral is the Cerebral version of the Champion Role that has all the protective and survivability tools of the other Champion classes. They have a primal feel akin to the mother bear protector–a beast that you do not want to cross. Their abilities allow them to rip you limb from limb while they shield their ally from harm. They use their power over the Body Aspect of all living things to change their form, heal, lash out with great strength, grant protective armor, and much more. They focus on the physical in-your-face aspect of combat. It is a rare thing to find a Visceral that strikes from afar.

The Visceral off the Combat Timeline will typically solve their problems with a fist and brute strength. Their Talents involve intimidation, shapechanging, and the more straightforward aspects of the Talents, but as a Cerebral they are also allowed to access some of the things that involve finesse and careful thought. A Visceral can be roleplayed at very far ends of the civility/savagery spectrum; you would sometimes wonder if they are the same class.

Where does the Visceral fit into the Game World?

As the Visceral is the personification of the Body Aspect of the Triad, their natural talents make them have the easiest time of the three Cerebrals to find a place in the world. They are naturally athletic and skilled, their healing arts can be passed off as natural miracles, and their ferocity matches many of the berserker styles of fighting found in more primitive parts of society. They revel in gladiatorial matches, even going so far as to volunteer for the pits so they may test their strength. They are often the most popular pit fighters around.

They are naturally attractive and perfect specimens of the human race (if they were actually humans), personifying all that is beautiful and special about the body. They attract many suitors and catch the eye of anyone on the street. They find their powers are welcomed for many reasons and the welcoming attitude people have towards them makes them the least secretive of all the Cerebral Classes. As with all powers of their sort, when people need a scapegoat, they make an easy target. They are just as likely to be praised for saving a person as they are for not being there when a person is harmed or injured.

The Body of the Triad  is frequently the type of person that acts first and thinks later, just as the rest of his kind is commonly known to react to situations.