lechmere02aWhy would people want to play an Umbral?

The Umbral is the personification of the unknown, unseen, and untouchable aspect of the soul-carrying sentient being. With power over the Soul aspect, they can move through the invisible and ever present Umbra, siphon the life force from one person to the next, split their person into multiple phantasmal images, create magical dead zones where nothing of supernatural origin can function, and lash out with psychic chains formed out of their own soul. Play an Umbral if you want to vanish one second and appear behind your foe in the next with weapons blazing, use trickery and illusion to misdirect your opponents, and play with the very forces of life that intangibly bind us all together.

What does the Umbral bring to Game Night?

The Umbral is a master of subterfuge, misdirection, and magical nullification as well as a high-powered damage-dealing Vanguard Class. The fury of the Soul burns cold and the Umbral harnesses that to great effect. Their powers focus on Cold and Spirit Damage, while protecting themselves with illusions, teleportation, and transferring damage to their allies. Their methods can seem suspect, but it can be explained by the fact that those that have become an Umbral are often dark souls that have suffered much at the hands of others for their powers. Those sort of people will often do whatever it takes to keep themselves on top in a fight.

Off the battlefield, the Umbral is much like a combination between the Sorcerer and the Rogue in that they have a wide variety of actions available to them. They have the mystical powers of the Sorcerer combined with the physical strengths and skills of a Rogue. As a Cerebral they also gain a wide variety of Talents to choose from. Their toolbox is vast and can’t be summed up succinctly in a few sentences. If it is of supernatural origin, they most likely have access to it.

Where does the Umbral fit into the Game World?

The Umbral is one of the three Cerebral-Only classes in Unchained Heroes and is tied to the Soul Aspect of the Triad. They are passionate to a fault and have been known to appear stone cold to those that do not know them, as letting their emotions breach the surface can cause catastrophic effects to those around them. The Umbral is often part of the fringes of society, but in more than a few circumstances they can be known as the life of the party. They wear their heart on their sleeve, so-to-speak. The Umbrals have been known to refer to themselves as the Aspect of the Heart when among friends; as both a claim and a point of fact, they would not be far from the truth.

The Umbrals are a major component of the Triad Organization and are the most likely to be the swing vote when the Great Three must make a decision. When the Body and Mind disagree on methods of completing a task or handling a situation, the Soul steps in to end the dispute.

Just as we all believe the soul to be at the core of our existence, so also is the Soul Aspect of the Triad. They are very much the bridge between the Body and the Mind. This bridge also lets them touch upon the powers of others. They can see the motivations of individuals with their Aura Sight; giving them a keen–some would say telepathic–insight into others, while also having the muscle to back up their actions when the need arises.