sorcerer01aWhy would people want to play a Sorcerer?

The Sorcerer is a master of Arcane Magic, drawing from the elemental forces of the planet and the mana currents to bring about spectacular events. They can streak through the sky by the force of their will, create magical blasts so powerful and intense that they burn through metal, empower your spells to bypass the defenses of the most powerful sentinels, and counter the magic of others with a thought. As a Sorcerer, you are the manifestation of arcane power on the planet and the only question is how you will use it. Play a Sorcerer if you want to have an answer to every situation, throw arcane bolts of energy from the palm of your hand, and snuff out the magical powers of your opponents on a whim.

What does the Sorcerer bring to Game Night?

The Sorcerer is a Vanguard class, so first and foremost they take on the role of eliminating your opponents, but their powers extend into fantastic support actions. They have ways to grant energy to your allies, heal them, hide everyone from sight, put up walls of wind that deflect projectiles, sap a man’s will to fight, and curse someone into oblivion. The design of the Sorcerer is such that they have a tool for everything. They are at the top of the food chain when dealing damage and do a capable job of performing healing and protection roles. On the Battlefield they they can incinerate a person where they stand, supercharge the mana currents to explode at the slightest provocation, bathe an entire battlefield in the flames of an enormous fireball, and super charge the earth’s magnetic field to draw all metal to the ground.

Off the Battlefield, they continue to impress with Talents that grant you powers of all sorts. They can change form, sense magic, see things long past, detect the presence of scrying, protect the group from scrying and the list goes on. As a Sorcerer, you will have access to the most Talents of any Hero Class and have the least hurdles acquiring them.

Where does the Sorcerer fit into the Game World?

The Sorcerer is synonymous with the terms wizard, mage, magi, and spellcaster. If Merlin was playing Chronos, he would be a Sorcerer. They come in all types. You will find that they are the old creaky-knees-pointy-hat-wearing scholar that sits in the dusty old tower reading from tomes of magical spells; they are the battle wizard at the forefront of the attacking force that whittles down the enemy with great balls of flame; they are also the gentle shopkeeper that carries all the best components to create various remedies.

The Sorcerer can stumble upon their powers, be trained by a School of Wizardry, apprentice to the town wizard, or learn the arts from a forbidden spellbook, but no matter what the case, in the end, they are still an arcane spellcaster of great power.

They are commonly the creators of magical items such as potions, magical armors, runes, and talismans. Their profession rewards study and practice, as those that put in the time and do not rely entirely on their natural talent, are often the most powerful. Even those with incredible latent talent can find benefit from a few days of studying the mana currents and formulas passed down by others throughout the ages.