rogue01aWhy would people want to play a Rogue?

The Rogue uses trickery, deception, and misdirection combined with an uncanny knack for finding the pressure points in a situation to become the victor. They use every trick in the book to overcome their enemies. They ambush from the shadows, mix reagents into dangerous poisons, punish their foes from both close range and far away, and often find luck falls in their favor. Play a Rogue if you like the dastardly, the daring, the dangerous, and the heavy damage dealing aspects of play. You will find them well suited to many tasks.

What does the Rogue bring to Game Night?

The Rogue is a Vanguard class that brings damage-dealing to the table, but how they go about dealing damage and what they can do does not get the credit it deserves in the phrase “damage-dealing”. They use layers and layers of abilities to stack effects for themselves and their allies. These conditions and abilities make them stronger than they would be at first glance. Need a damage boost for all your weapon attacks? Bring a Rogue and they will put a Bleed on your opponent. Need more Trauma Damage? They can supply it. Need a way to quickly move around the battlefield? The Rogue has it. Your opponent lays down some Concealment effects to weaken your party? They just played right into the hands of the Rogue, giving them a Synergy Bonus on many of the Rogue’s staple actions.

On top of all the combat mechanics, the Rogue is the consummate scout and an excellent sneak. They can let you know what is happening ahead while the rest of the plodding plate users stay far away from the action. They have Talents like Strangulate that can put a wary Lookout down for the count–without lethal force–while the rest of the team catches up. Now if there are two Lookouts… the second probably won’t let that happen to him and you just might find yourself in a fight! On top of dispatching wary guardsmen, Rogues can jump through the shadows, land effortlessly from great heights, and glean information through espionage that you may need to catch your quarry.

Where does the Rogue fit into the Game World?

The Rogue fits everywhere. They are an adventurer, thief, basic apothecary, spy, poisoner, and the luckiest person on the block. They are found in cities and in the wilderness. Their skills make them excellent additions to an army as members of special forces, reconnaissance teams, and counterintelligence experts.

Rogue hail from all walks of life, from the lowest street urchin to the highest Duke’s daughter. Some may slit your throat for your coin, while others will steal state secrets for their country. The strengths and weaknesses of the Rogue are the same no matter how you look at them, but the way they are used is what makes the person. As with all things, perspective is what colors the Rogue in a bad light. If a city thief swipes a few coins from a person and uses it for booze; you wouldn’t look so favorably on her, but if she swiped them to buy a loaf of bread and a new shirt for her little one; you might not feel you need to cut her hands off.