grorst02aWhy would people want to play a Paladin?

The Paladin stands firmly in the face of danger and prevails against anything Danger desires to throw at them. They shrug off sword blows, move in the blink of an eye around the battlefield, overpower their foes with righteous avenging might, and are the last one standing in a fight. The Paladin can (and will) win a game of attrition against their opponents. If you like standing at the forefront of the battle, wielding the power of a Titan, nullifying the powers of your foes, safeguarding your allies, and putting the righteous hurt on your opponents, then a Paladin is a good choice for you.

What does the Paladin bring to Game Night?

The Paladin is the ever present holy-defender that combines the supernatural and natural into one package. They are a Champion Class, so they have the highest Health, start with the most Healthy Stages, and come with a wealth of defensive abilities from the start. They are formidable combatants with an arsenal of protection abilities and plenty of offensive powers to back them up. A Paladin adds a great sense of purpose and meaning to the game group both on and off the battlefield.

Their righteous purpose, whatever that may be, is reflected in their Ability and Talent Choices. It can be argued that their greatest asset is their ability to trivialize what their opponent is doing or trying to do. They can see through lies, pacify hostile foes, block the most deadly attacks, and lend credibility to any group of Heroes in the eyes of NPCs.

Off the battlefield they are granted omens of the future, have the endurance to run for days, and unique powers to dispense judgments on those that would break their word. They combine some aspects of a cleric with some aspects of a warrior with a healthy dose of unique Paladin flavor.

Where does the Paladin fit into the Game World?

The Paladin is the Holy Avenger, Righteous Warrior, Symbol of Hope, and a Beacon in the Darkness for the people of the world. They are directly blessed with the protection, assistance, and might of the great Titans known as the Paladynes that have existed from the dawn of time. Their role has always been one of vigilance, standing against threats to sentient life and the world that they live within. Some Paladins take their powers from the school of the Avenging Archon, bordering on some of the teachings of the Dread Knights–their lost brethren. Others stand stoically in the face of danger, taking blow after blow upon their shield with the knowledge that their bonded Paladyne and years of training will sustain them through any ordeal; and if they fall, that their sacrifice would have given their allies the upper hand. Still others find themselves in the roles of Battle Healers, that scour the world finding causes to lend their aid.

The Paladins are found to be of almost any disposition, but few–if any–could be considered pure evil. There are cases of tyrant or tyrannical Paladin world leaders that have cause much suffering in the name of truth and justice, but those instances are few. The tyranny of the righteous Paladin when it occurs, is more likely to be on a much smaller scale.

Paladins like Dread Knights acquire their Titanic Paladyne Patron through years of hard work and training. In the end of this long journey, they are put to the test once more before they are granted their Paladyne. In their final trying task, many of those that would break in the face of adversity or be unfit to call themselves a Paladin are weeded from the process early on. It takes great commitment and self-sacrifice to become a member of the Order of the Paladynes.