ali02aWhy would people want to play an Oracle?

The Oracle wields the unfathomable forces of the Mind against their enemies by crushing their will, bending it to their whims, and inflicting maladies that make a man shudder to think about, but at the same time exert a healing influence on their allies, calming them, and protecting them from harm. They are a Sentinel Class with access to powerful healing spells and the same jack-of-all-trades mentality that the Sentinel Role brings to the table. They do this all with mystical and exciting powers that are often intangible, but their effects are clearly felt once manifested.

If you are looking for a Class that bends space, time, and manipulates the mind for protection, healing, and destruction then the Oracle class is for you.

What does the Oracle bring to Game Night?

The Oracle brings a toolbox of abilities that range from shielding a person with telekinetic forces to manipulating the lay of the Battlefield to altering the fabric of reality. The Oracle can be a damage-dealing support class, and enhance the party with spells while demoralizing the enemy with afflictions, or be a very powerful protector and healer. The Oracle will automatically bring a strong healing ability to the group, a means of supernatural attack, and a reactive telekinetic shield action to use in crucial moments. They also bring a way to divide up the enemy forces with Singularity spells that pull a group into a specific Battle Zone or toss them in every direction.

The Oracle will generally shift the ebb and flow of the current battle in favor of your party, while simultaneously giving your role-playing scenarios options like mind-reading and telepathy that few others have. They are an outstanding role-playing Hero Class that is able to shield the thoughts of their allies, transplant neural pathways, remove memories with surgical precision, and all the while not having lifted a finger.

Where does the Oracle fit into the Game World?

If you are playing in the days when the Cerebrals have just started manifesting in the world and the Triad Organization is not fully created, those that are playing an Oracle are probably very secretive about their powers. I would liken the Oracle’s life to living as a witch in the days of the witch hunts. As time progresses and people come to terms with their existence, they are still looked upon with suspicion, but are generally accepted into society.

Oracles are very different from other Hero Classes since they are not chosen, they are created. An Oracle doesn’t chose to become what they are, they just are. This brings about many different personalities. You have some which embrace their powers, some that reject their powers, some that self-justify their powers within their own mythos, and still others that mask their powers as something else. The backstory for each individual Oracle is very important if you want to ask yourself how you fit into the grand picture. Then again, you can just treat the Oracle as any other adventurer. They are found more and more throughout the world so their abilities are becoming a hot commodity.

Their powers are often more impressive than other Supernatural Spell-casting classes since it comes from such an alien and mysterious source, our own minds. They are disciples of the Mind Aspect of the Triad, drawing upon the limitless potential that it contains and its great mastery over reality, the body, and our way of life. There is nothing more frightening than an individual that can peer into the deepest recesses of a person, reading them like a book and still more so when that individual can crush you under a hail of dock crates. The Oracles are but one Aspect of the Triad in Chronos adding a superhero feel and flavor that transcends the magical that we are all used to seeing in a setting. All the Oracle’s powers can be explained by science, even though their applications may seem entirely mystical to everyone around them. In the meantime, Oracles use this to their advantage to hide their powers from those that might exploit or hunt them.

Oracle Heroes may find themselves in many situations where the knowledge they possess is either dangerous, desired, revealing, or any combination of the former. They are highly sought after as spies, diplomats, informants, but in the same token, they are feared for their proficiency in those roles. Oracles walk a tightrope of life, more so than the rest of us, and how they handle that walk is what defines them as a person.