Dread Knight

dreadknight01aWhy would people want to play a Dread Knight?

The Dread Knight cleaves and smashes their enemies with the power of an imprisoned Titan at their beck and call. They turn their weapon into a death-dealing menace to all things supernatural and wade through their enemies one swing of their mighty weapon at a time. If you love getting in the thick of battle, enchanting a mighty two-handed weapon with great forces of chaos, and hunting the greatest perils that face the beings of the land, then a Dread Knight will be your Hero Class of choice.

What does the Dread Knight bring to Game Night?

The Dread Knight is a front-line fighter that brings melee combat prowess and protection for Supernatural Forces as a Vanguard Class. They are focuses on eliminating their enemies through ferocity and heavy damage. They also give the group an option to weaken or downright cripple supernatural foes that can cause the greatest grief in a game playing session.

Some Dread Knights may find it beneficial to focus on their weapon and cause massive amounts of damage, some may add in the ability to cause Conditions in their Foes, while still others will dabble in sorcerous arts that can enhance all aspects of their defenses against enemies.

The Dread Knight has at their disposal the tools to be a supernatural hunter, no matter where they were trained or how they came into their dread powers. They have excellent abilities for nullifying or suppressing magical actions of supernatural foes and equally good abilities to protect others from such attacks.

The Dread Knight outside of combat is like a stalking predator, they have the tools to hunt down and track enemies over great distances and access to some powerful supernatural Talents focusing on detection.

Where does the Dread Knight fit into the Game World?

The majority of Dread Knights in any campaign are probably going to come from the Dread Order. The Dread Knight Order was formed through necessity when all methods the Paladins of the Silver Gate used were coming up short against the monsters pouring out of the rift. The choice to embrace the Dreadnaughts was not a grab for power, it was a new approach to fighting evil and those that would cause evil in the world. They believed that with a force more powerful and arguably darker than evils they fought, they would be able to rid the world of abominations.

Dread Knights of the Dread Order originated from the Paladyne Order and as such, have a structure, purpose, and duty in their blood. Like the Paladins, they are never alone, as a great imprisoned Titan called a Dreadnaught forever walks with them, serving them until the time they let their guard down. The Dread Knight are the direct opposites of their Paladin brethren in both philosophy and their choice of Titan, as the Dreadnaught were imprisoned by the Paladynes of the Paladins before the dawn of time upon Veerith. No Dreadnaught can truly be imprisoned however, their powers are at best suppressed and the bonds can never truly hold them.

A Dread Knight of the Dread Order walks the path of a loner for a good portion of their life, especially while they tame their Dreadnaught and get it to grudgingly obey their will, but in the end they find that working with others gives similarly acceptable results. The Dread Knight can bring a kernel of darkness and mystery to any group and the exceedingly rare Dread Citadels can add a plot twist to uncharted areas that will liven up any session.

Not all Dread Knights are of the Dread Order, there are also those that have come into their powers through tribal rituals, whispered pacts for power, breaking magical seals of imprisonment, and others to whom the Dreadnaught is worshipped as a god. These varieties can be found in all parts of the world and for all sorts of reasons. Their circumstances may vary, but the Dreadnaught’s purpose is always the same–reach out into the world and use their might wherever they may. Those souls without Dread Order training are usually more susceptible to the whispers and dark emotions that the Dreadnaught may awaken in a person, but then again, in some Barbarian Tribes, they are trained as vigorously, if not more so, by their mentors to take on these devil spirits.

It is also quite acceptable and rational that certain peoples worship a particular Dreadnaught as a god. They or some other person may have awakened the Titan and weakened the prison suppressing their powers in this plane. The Dread Knights of this god Titan, may believe they are clerics or priests of this god and in doing its will would surely be granted its strength and power.

The final answer to where the Dread Knight fits in the game world is: Wherever you wish to make it! It may take some backstory, but you should be able to describe how any character comes to the powers they possess, maybe its in a family sword, a talisman passed down through the centuries, or your character joined the Dread Knight Order. As with all things, a little bit of imagination goes a long way.