The Cleric Class is available to anyone with the Unchained Heroes System Resource Document. It is part of the free content that we provide to play the game.

Why would people want to play a Cleric?

The Cleric wields the powerful forces of divine creation in the palm of their hand. They pull entities from other planes, conjure diseases at the end of their mace, and cure disease with rays of healing light. They can fight in the front lines as easily as they can sling spells; all the while supporting their companions with powerful blessings that increase their Battle Skills. They follow the path of their heart, whether it be the dark depths of the Abyss, the lofty Heavenly halls, or the road less traveled somewhere in between. Play a Cleric if you want to stand firmly for your convictions and lead your companions to greatness with the help of the Divine.

What does the Cleric bring to Game Night?

The Cleric is three classes in one. Officially they are a Sentinel Class Role, but unofficially they make as good a Vanguard as any other class. They may play a Damage Dealer, a support class, or a healer and any combination of the former. They have three Paths: Abyss, Ascension, and Balance that bring very different play styles and a lot of utility.

When you bring an Ascension Cleric to your game, he can perform the best heals, smite enemies from afar, and keep everyone standing through the greatest punishment a Villain can dish out. With an Abyssal Cleric, you demoralize and destroy your enemies with dark magics that cause disease, inflict great harm, and change the field of battle. The Balance Cleric brings a wide variety of tricks to the table through summoning entities from other planes, bringing divine wrath upon enemies, and propping up your companions with strong support spells.

With the Cleric you may always be a specific path, in name, but you can draw from other areas just as easily as your primary Path. The Cleric bring flexibility and options for future growth to everyone. They are the only class with the option to get a Sustained Ability for every Battle Skill, allowing them to fill any niche.

Outside of their combat roles, the Cleric has access to a toolbox of Talents as deep as a Sorcerer. Their Divine Gift allows them to raise the dead from the grave, light the night with the noon day sun, wipe terrible memories from a person’s mind, or detect the powers of a magical item. All these things and more are at your disposal. The Divine Gift opens many doors to those that it has been given.

Where does the Cleric fit into the Game World?

Those that feel the call of a Cleric come from all walks of life and are not necessarily tied to a specific religion, god, being, or supernatural force. The Cleric is an instrument of the Divine on the planet, whether they know about it or not. Some Clerics manifest powers spontaneously with little to no religious background, while others are trained meticulously in temples to powerful gods and demigods.

The power to use Divine magic is known as the Divine Gift to some and the Divine Spark in others. Those that believe in higher powers often call it the former. Those that believe only in the integral forces of the universe often call it the latter. In all things, as an instrument of the Divine, the Cleric is a supernatural force in the World that is integral to some greater purpose even if that purpose is not readily apparent. Divine magic is not a talent or a skill. It is not manifested through desire or determination. You cannot practice and simply attain it through study and hard work. You cannot pick it up in great treasure hoard and begin using it. You cannot attain it through false pacts or sincerity. The beings that have the power to grant the Divine Spark do not grant it lightly to mortals; as it is a power that once awakened has the potential to make a man or woman a god themselves. When it is granted, the Divine Spark is there to be used as the bearer sees fit. This is why it is so carefully given, as no one wants it to be used in a fashion counter to their philosophies.

Once granted, it can be fostered through teaching, powerful forces can awaken new Abilities, and divine entities cannot take it away. Those with the Divine Gift are not beholden to their sponsor forever; once it is granted by a sponsoring entity, there is nothing holding a person back from choosing an alternate Path. The choice of how a Cleric will live their life, is entirely a personal one. They may be as devout or brazen as they wish. This is one reason why you see so many temples and religious societies, as the discipline and teaching they provide serves a twofold purpose of giving the Cleric direction and keeping them in line. For many, this motive it not necessary, as a Cleric of a particular entity is likely to act in the best interest of their sponsor as an act of worship, but the risk is always there.

Clerics ultimately bring the hand of the divine into your Game Setting and give everyone involved the option to add another layer of complexity to their experience. It helps to have an omnipotent being on your side once in a while. It also gives the GM have a few more plot twists and ready-made antagonists from any opposing religions.