The Alchemist is available to anyone that purchases the Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook. It has a unique flavor and combines a tremendous amount of utility in a single class.

Why would people want to play an Alchemist?

The Alchemist blasts their enemies to oblivion with massive explosives that harness extreme heat and extreme cold. They are masters of creating potions and elixirs that apply to any situation, and know the inner workings of the body well enough that they may combine chemicals to stimulate instant regeneration of tissue. Play an Alchemist if you love to have an answer to any problem, mix magic with science, and most importantly, be the cool guy that walks away from explosions.

What does the Alchemist bring to the Game Table?

The Alchemist is a jack-of-all-trades Sentinel Hero Class with the Ability to cast beneficial spells on their Allies, weaken their Foes with alchemical mixtures, and blast their opponents with Fire and Cold Elemental damage. As a Sentinel Hero Class, they have the best healing and support toolbox available to them. They have quick small heals, slow big heals, and an Area of Effect heal that keeps everyone alive. Their Abilities are highly synergistic and benefit from using one Ability in conjunction with another. They are designed to work equally well as a Healer, Damage Dealer, or a Support class that is a combination of the two. They use the battlefield like their Laboratory, mixing and matching various Abilities to get Synergy Bonuses and enhance their powers beyond their obvious uses.

When they aren’t in combat, their Attributes, Talents, and Character Skills are well suited to performing investigation, experimentation, and detection. The Alchemist is an incredibly creative scientist that can use their potions, elixirs, and concoctions to force people to tell the truth, detect the unseen, bring a person back from death, and create objects out of nothing.

Where does the Alchemist fit into the Game World?

The Alchemist can be found in every part of the world and among every culture. Their personalities range from free spirited to highly regimented individuals—which is to say, they encompass all ranges of people. The common thread is a desire to experiment with the core elements. At the very core of every Alchemist is an understanding of the building blocks of the natural world that allows them to perform miraculous things. They combine equal parts science and magic in a method that pure scientists may dismiss and arcane casters scoff at, but their results are unmistakable. Who else could make an adhesive which recognizes friend from foe?

Some Alchemists look upon their skills as a means to an end, while others look upon them as an end of its own merit. The “means to an end” individuals are the sort that use their power for power’s sake. There is little to no ethics involved with the Alchemical Sciences as a whole, but various Colleges of learning subscribe to different practices and hold their Alchemists to these standards. Those that consistently practice Alchemy outside of the ethical boundaries of society are often more solitary and reclusive; their experiments are just as likely to create a zombie as raise a man from the dead.

Those that see it as an “end of its own merit” are more scientific and appreciative of the process. They are more likely to be trained in an academic setting and live within those circles of society. That is not to say that an Alchemist requires study or training in an academic setting. There are many Alchemists that have learned their trades through apprenticeships, and there are a few Alchemists that have been entirely self-taught; surviving their concoctions through a keen instinct and a healthy dose of luck.

Lastly, there are the Alchemists that can be better described as Medicine Men and Apothecary. Sometimes they are confused with Sorcerers and Wizards. These Alchemists are a bigger part of the community and are found in all parts of the world, mixing chemicals from plants and animals together and infusing a little bit of their magical power into the mixture to get the same results. They may be known as Shaman, Soothsayer, Seer, Medicine Man, or even Witch Doctor. Their name may be different, but they are an Alchemist when the chips fall.

There are also those Alchemists which have broken these molds, they have come to their knowledge through tutelage, study, or natural talent, but do not see Alchemy as anything more than a tool or a profession. They may not define themselves as an Alchemist, but rather an adventurer or a talented individual with a knack for mixing chemicals. These types are just as likely to be your everyday Hero or Villain as the next guy. These types are found quite often throughout the world, as not everyone thinks a laboratory is an ideal place to find out about the world. Many of your adventurers will fit into this category. They may have been one of the above types at one time, but in the end, going their own way and seeing the world was the path in life they wanted to take.