The Game


Unchained Heroes takes the F20 game architecture in a different direction, moving into new territories for the hobby, where actions are dynamic, options are prevalent, and the roleplaying/combat spectrum is united in one system, but separated into different tracks. Playing Unchained Heroes is about getting as much of a game as you want, without the need to sacrifice roleplaying for combat or combat for roleplaying; the system gives you both in equal measure.

Unchained Heroes uses a dynamic action system — the Real Time Combat Engine — to provide intense, action-packed, and tactical encounters that will satisfy your RPG combat cravings. The powers at your disposal are mighty and spectacular: toss your shield to deflect a sword strike the moment before it hits your ally, ignite the seed of magic in your foes to burn them from the inside out, create magnetic fields that makes metal too heavy to wield, and rip the earth apart, forming great crevasses to swallow your enemies whole. Through it all, you control a Dynamic Battlefield by using Abilities that reshape your surroundings for your benefit or to hinder your foes; mix and match your powers to form incredible combos and spectacular effects.

You will be as powerful off the Battlefield as you are upon it. There is no need to sacrifice your combat prowess to choose a worthwhile Roleplaying Action, you get a separate progression for your miraculous powers of Resurrection, Shapeshifting, and Mind-Reading. The Unchained Heroes Talent System allows you to bestow a curse that implants terrifying visions of death, rewrite the neural pathways of a person to implant them with another, and trap those that might telepathically attack your mind in an abyssal prison. They are available as you level and as rewards from your GM; find them in an old wizard’s spellbook as well as through deep meditation.

Unchained Heroes offers you:

  • All-in-One Core Rulebook: Player Guide, GM Guide, and Bestiary in one
  • Control over an imprisoned Titan as a Dread Knight
  • The Chance to Follow the Paths of the Ascension, Abyssal, or Balance Cleric
  • The next Evolutionary Stage of the Human Species as Cerebrals
  • Mischievous Ogres being the foil and counterparts to the serious Elves
  • Replayability through 10 Hero Classes, each with an incredible amount of options
  • Powerful Roleplaying powers called Talents that are exciting to attain
  • Harness a Story Based Leveling and Treasure System for your narrative

Multiple Format Choices:

  • High Resolution PDF and Tablet Optimized PDF packaged for your use
  • Hardcover, Softcover, Standard, Premium Color versions to match your needs

Here are, we explore all these things and more. Click on a link to find what the Unchained Heroes RPG has to offer you!