The Samurai Gang


The last time I played Issachar in the Chizek Campaign was over 5 years ago now. At the end of the campaign he was a level 15 Dread Knight in Unchained Heroes with a title and lands on the Floating Realm of Chizek. Officially his title was Samurai, but he was more than a warrior in the service to the Emperor. He was teamed with Olenna, a deadly range Rogue and Grorst, a miraculous Paladin. I now give them the nickname of the Samurai Gang and this is how I remember the story.

The Beginning

Issachar Dreadblade was a blond-haired pale skinned man of 6 feet in height and modest build. His strength was born of determination and a desire to destroy evil wherever it appeared. His chosen path was that of a Dread Knight and for his years of training with his master, far from friends and family, he wrestled control of a Dreadnaught whose name must not be spoken. His story begins alongside Olenna the Rogue and Grorst the Paladin. One was his companion by circumstance and the other by fate as his brother. Olenna was the party-face, a smooth talking jack of all trades and master of the Shortbow. She could tear apart her enemies by word or deed. Grorst was the enormous party muscle and giant. He was the light to Issachar’s darkness; trained as a paladin to be strong of heart and body to stand in the face of danger, laugh at it, and then give everyone a great big hug when it passed. They were a formidable trio and would have been even more so if Issachar could have hit something with his sword!

They lived on Chizek, the home of the largest group of halflings in the Floating Realms as part of an archaeological Guild. Issachar was in it to fight evil spirits, Olenna was in it for the money and notoriety, and Grorst was there because in Tumere’s name he would guard everyone from evil and enjoyed the feasts afterwards. When a dig went wrong and uncovered a powerful artifact, their world was turned on its head. Their guild was slaughtered, their guardian Automatons turned against them, and a mystery began.


The items within these dig sites were coveted by a Demon Lord and in return for acquiring these pieces it granted Charna, a titanless Dread Knight, its patronage, power, and the hordes of monsters at its command.

Issachar was no amateur and neither were his allies, but stopping Charna and the Demons was far more than they could handle at this point in their lives. On top of that, they really didn’t know what they were facing, but thankfully, neither did Charna and her Demon allies. If they did, they would probably have tried to kill us much sooner.

Bits and Pieces

What I remember after all these years does not do this great campaign justice, but what I can remember, I will tell you here. As with all things, the fun is in the journey.

It was striking to be so tall in a land of Halflings, at just over 6 feet, I felt like a giant when everyone around me was 3 to 4 feet tall. We had our difficulties, but thankfully the entire land of Chizek had waypoints and inns built for the “tall-folk” like my companions and I. Issachar was noble, brooding, and exceptionally driven to destroy demons, even as Dread Knights go. If it wasn’t for the comic relief of Olenna and Grorst, Issachar would have depressed even the halflings around him. When he was given the chance to do something great like destroy Charna and her Demons, he was more than up to the task and pursued it with single-minded determination. Olenna saw this as a prime opportunity for a big score; wealth, power, and notoriety wrapped in one beautiful bundle. Olenna drank her full of rice liquor and refilled her coffers with the gold earned from the many wonderful items we found along the way. Grorst, on the other hand, was doing this because of his great heart and his even greater appetite. He had his full of turkeys, chickens, donkeys, and whatever food was put on a plate in front of him. To say he ate like a horse would be wrong; he ate like a dragon, devouring more food in one sitting that most people could devour in a month.

We traveled from dig site to dig site, trying to stay a step or two ahead of Charna while also acquiring the pieces of a weapon that would not only banish the Demons, but utterly destroy them when they entered this world.

We met a “pseudo-frenchman” by the name of Marius du Bannister that with his “Concufines” (spelling intended) pillaged the treasures of the land and sold them to the highest bidder. We played games of skill against the greatest Shoguns of the land, matching wit, sword, bow, strength, and much more to earn respect and our titles. Issachar tried telling stories of his battles against demons repeatedly to everyone around him whether they wanted to hear him or not. Olenna played the excellent party-face and kept discussions civil with lords and ladies very high above our station. We got to hear Jenn (our GM) make many hilarious and unique accents. Grorst offered (and sometimes gave) many pony rides to halflings since it was somehow lost on him that these were adults with children and lifespans like his own.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of the story of Issachar, Olenna, and Grorst occurred after we acquired all the pieces we needed for the weapon against the demons, we had the support of the Shoguns, and the last artifact needed by the demons was located. In an epic dungeon crawl, we delved deep into a mountain to the location of the portal to the Abyss and faced off against Charna.

We were more than up to the task, against Charna, we unleashed our most powerful abilities, artifacts, and magical items. Olenna had her bow that struck true and fired a barrage so deadly that hordes of demons fell before her. Grorst struck back two-fold against any demon that swung at him and absorbed their strikes while encased in the might of his Paladyne Tumere. Issachar, well poor Issachar had a rough time at this point. He was mighty, but he rarely hit anything. If I recall correctly, with a 70% chance to Hit his foes, he missed 10 times in a row with nothing higher than a 5 on a d20 and of those 10 times, the majority were Nat 4’s. In the end, Issachar redeemed himself with a Critical Hit that cut Charna in two and ended the fight, which couldn’t have happened unless Olenna had dealt 90% of the damage up to that point and Grorst took the worst of the punishment Charna could offer.

We ended the campaign as heroes, as was fitting, and we all road off into the sunset. We learned in another campaign about what our heroes had been doing with themselves after this adventure and we were not disappointed. All true to their characters, Olenna was still the greatest thief in the world, finding artifacts that were worth the price of kingdoms, Issachar was running a Dread Citadel to keep a great evil at bay, and Grorst was tending his garden while watching over his brother as he always has.


Jenn, Mike, and Vicki. I would love to hear what  you guys recall as some of the best moments with the “Samurai Gang” and I am sure everyone else would love to hear it as well. To everyone else, let me know about your great adventures! Until next time.



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