The Necromancer Class Story and Class Preview

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Today I present to you the story for our new Iconic character, Sidra the Necromancer, for the Unchained Heroes RPG. It is written by Jennifer Patz.

After the short story I give you a preview of the powers that the Necromancer Hero class has at their disposal from level 1 onward.

Necromancer Class Icon – Sidra the Necromancer

Sidra moved up next to a long blackened wood table in the center of the laboratory, hoping to find something to bring back to the constable so she could clear her name. As she rummaged through the piles that littered the surface, she heard something creeping up behind her. She spun her jeweled staff in her hand, and sent a blast of spirit magic flying towards the noise.

With a wail of pain, a mutated, twisted creature came surging towards her from the shadows. Dozens of eyes peered at her and dozens more arms reached out to crush her. The creature groaned in pain and rage with every movement of its twisted body.So this was where all the missing villagers had ended up; as part of Cyrax’s abomination experiments.

Sidra reached into a pouch at her belt and clutched at several carved shards of bone. Throwing them at the abomination, an ivory framework of bone sprang from the ground, encasing the monstrosity where it stood.

Now that she had a moment to work, she reached out with her death magic and animated a nearby corpse with her necromantic energy. She realized that she must have found the body of one of the missing adventurers from town when her undead servant surged towards the mutated creature wielding a broadsword and full plate armor. She urged it to engage with the creature as she gathered her own dark energies for another attack.

“Ah, yet another adventurer wishes to help me further my experiments,” came a dry voice from deep in the hallway where the creature had come.

“Hardly, Cyrax. I’ve come to stop this insanity. It’s starting to impinge on my good name,” Sidra snapped. She sent a spiraling blast of dark energy at the sorcerer. He attempted to block it with his staff, but the spirit energy rippled over his weapon and struck him in the chest. She heard the bone cage shatter and the abomination howl out a death cry as her Skeletal Berserker cut deep into it with its broadsword.

At that moment, Cyrax let loose with all his might and a blast of fire rocked the laboratory. Sidra could only raise her arms in a feeble attempt to protect herself. Using her training, she deadened her nerves to the pain of the burns. She knew if she didn’t press on, she would be the next experimental subject of Cyrax.

Her Berserker had been caught in the fire but it still shambled forward, making an attempt to swing at anything in reach, in this case, the sorcerer. While Cyrax was distracted with her fiery minion, she summoned enough energy for one more strike of spirit energy. Drawing forth the ample sources of death energy in the lab, she leveled her staff in Cyrax’s direction. A cone of spirit energy shot from her staff, smashing into him. Then, focusing on Cyrax’s own life energies, Sidra used the power in her spell to draw his life force away. Cyrax appeared to wither where he stood, his skin wrinkling and sagging, then drawing up like paper in a fire until it blew away into ash.

Sidra rested against her staff, exhausted and hurting. She dispersed the necromantic energy that was keeping the Berserker animated and hobbled up to where Cyrax’s robes and staff had fell to the floor. Bone dust covered the items, and she rifled through what was left of the deranged sorcerer. Any practitioner worth their salt had a journal, and Cyrax would be no different. Finding the tome attached to his belt, Sidra’s face pursed in disgust. Made of human flesh, it was filled with the notes regarding Cyrax’s experiments. She smiled triumphantly, knowing this – and the contents of Cyrax’s lab – would certainly exonerate her. Even if the townsfolk never trusted her because of her unusual craft, at least now they would be safe against the true threat.


Necromancer Starting Ability Preview

The following abilities are a quick preview of the Starting Abilities you get when playing the Necromancer Hero Class. They are subject to change before final release, if necessary.

Knowledge of the Beyond

Passive Ability

You possess the knowledge and skills to tap into the necromantic energies beyond the veil of life and death.

Effect: You gain a +1 PWR MOD +1 per 7 levels to the following Character Skills and you gain Immunity to the Fear Condition. You are considered the Master in all actions you use that Create Servants and you may Command Servants as dictated by your Abilities and Tactical Advantages.

  • Arcanalogy
  • Education
  • Influence
  • Natural Lore
  • Perception



Active Immobile [Supernatural] [Onslaught]

Energy: None (20 Out of Combat)

Range: Ranged

Action Time: Equipped Weapon

You shoot forth a bolt of pure spirit energy crafted from your necromantic forces.

Skill Check: POW vs. WILL

Ability Dice Pool: +3dp/+4dp/+5dp

Effect: Combatant is dealt Spirit Damage.


Skeletal Minion

Active Mobile [Supernatural] [Boon]

Energy: 40

Range: Self

Action Time: 13

Duration: Encounter

Using necromantic energies, the bones of any available creatures, and the ectoplasm of the nether, you craft a Skeletal Minion to do your bidding.

Effect: You gain a Skeletal Minion Servant for the duration of the Encounter. Detailed stats are not listed for the sake of brevity.



Active Immobile [Supernatural] [Mind-Affecting]

Energy: 30

Range: Ranged

Action Time: 7 (Fast)

You reach into the mind of your opponent and trigger a fear so deep that they flee your presence.

Skill Check: POW vs. WILL

Effect: Combatant suffers the Fear Condition.

Synergy Bonus: If this Action is successful and you have at least one Active Servant, all Fodder and Minion Grade Foes in the same Battle Zone as the Combatant gain the Cowardice Weakness for the rest of the Encounter.


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