The Halflings of Chizek

The Halflings of Chizek


Much like the Gnome article that was previously posted, this article is meant to be a companion to the information found within the Core Rulebook on Halflings. This information is specifically geared towards playing within the Floating Realms, the main setting of the Unchained Heroes RPG. As the title suggests, we will focus on the halflings of Chizek, and we will have more details about Bantar’s halflings in the future. Feel free to take or leave as much of this information as you wish to use in your game sessions.

Halflings are fashioned out of the Terrestrial element of Wind. The Wind Element stands for passion and spirituality, both of which are strong traits of the Halfling Species in the Floating Realms. They are known for their strong ties to kin, excellent athletic abilities, and resourcefulness. Their community structure gives them an edge over most other races, allowing them to live in places that others would shy away from, such as the harsh deserts of Bantar or the spirit-touched landscape of Chizek. Their small stature also helps them survive in these places as they require less than half the nutrients that a Human would need.

Halflings are 3 to 4 feet tall. At first glance they would look like small Humans, except for their long, Elvish ears. Their hair color is typically black as night, but there are some reds and browns. It is almost unheard of to find a blond Halfling. Their eye color can be any color of the rainbow, with the majority being green or brown with a few gold. Gold-eyed Halflings are considered lucky as their folklore says Fortune smiles upon them. A gold haired, gold-eyed halfling is considered doubly blessed.

Their Master

The primary home realm of the Halflings is the land of Chizek. The realm of Chizek was already rich with the spirits awakened by the presence of the Ogres for thousands of years, when it became home to the Magi, Chizek. The Ogres had cultivated a lifestyle where a keen understanding of the spirits around you would bring prosperity and good health, while angering them would bring bad luck and other misfortune. The reasons behind the Ogres manipulation of the physical and spiritual realms is not known, but it drew Chizek’s attention.

Chizek cared little for the physical realm; he desired power and was able to get that by devouring the energy of spirits. The more powerful and active the spirits, the more he was able to use them. The beautiful and unique realm around him was not enough sate his appetite for power. He formulated a plan to bring the Anima and Animus Planes together as one. If he was successful, he would have an unending source of power and rise to godhood. The Halflings in Chizek revered these spirits, so anyone that could control and devour them was on par with the divine beings.

His Deception

The Magi Chizek’s plan was tantamount to tearing Gaia’s Soul out for all to see. The Halflings never thought to oppose this god and when dissent was found, they were manipulated into changing their minds. Their manipulators where the Wereholdev, some of the first children of Gaia (with only dragons were closer to Her voice). The Wereholdev were corrupted by his influence and bought into his schemes with the story that it would bring Her closer to them. So with Chizek’s insistence and their belief in his cause, they began posing as the former shapeshifting masters of the Halflings known as the Ogres. The trust the Halflings had for the Ogres transferred to the Wereholdev and their word became law.

Their Response

The Halfling community has always been strong and they found ways to survive in a world where spirits of all sorts affected their daily lives. It was common for the Halfling people to face hardships, but during the times of the Magi Chizek, life was a constant struggle. They sought protection through the benevolent spirits and tried to placate or avoid the malicious spirits as best as they could. Methods that proved effective became ritual and part of their everyday lives. Methods that proved ineffective or provoked the spirits became taboo and avoided at all costs. Living in such close proximity to the Animus Plane also affected their power over the magical energies of the universe known as mana. The consequences of that proximity has made the Halflings of Chizek some of the most powerful practitioners of the Arcane and the Divine arts in the world. Even their martial arts began to be tied to the spiritual aspects of life to help reinforce and empower them.

Their Society

In Chizek, the Halfling universally answer to an Emperor and their Court, with Shoguns and rulers presiding over provinces. Their ruling body stretches from the Holy Throne to the Elder Council of each Village. As a whole, Halflings differ to the community decisions and authority before the individual wants or desires. Harmony and peace with the environment is the most noble of goals.

Their society is not all harmony and laughter though, there is a dark side like everywhere else and the power they possess as Sorcerers and Clerics has given them the ability to do some things that would seem terribly wrong. Some cities raise ancestors to life and bind them within objects. Others create potent weapons powered by chained spirits. Darker still, some practitioners make pacts with demons or use blood sacrifice as a path to power.

The Good with the Bad

Overall, Halfling life on Chizek is an amazing experience with all its good and bad. The sense of community makes it so very few people that get left without someone to care for them, but the very creative and independent thinkers can feel stifled. They are relatively peaceful towards other nations and stay out of other people’s affairs. They lack a structured Navy, but have excellent air defenses for their largest cities. Their most prevalent enemy is not anything in the present, but the ghosts of the past, so their army, while well-trained is relatively unused. Many adventures can be had hunting down rogue spirits, cleaning up ancient ruins, and investigating possessions in these lands, but don’t expect to make lots of allies if you destroy ancient sites.


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