The Day is Here!

vUHRPG_cover06a3Today I am fortunate to enough to have the opportunity to re-release my game system under the Unchained Heroes Banner. The Digital release is full color with many pieces of gorgeous artwork from great artists like Brian Fajardo, Jacob Atienza, and Henri Kutvonen. It comes in at 352 pages of content for you to use for your games. It has all the tools you need to play Unchained Heroes and use the Real Time Combat Engine. It combines a Player’s Guide, GM Guide, and Bestiary in one. There are 10 Hero Classes with multiple paths for each, 7 Species to choose from, many Magical Items to wield, and 30 Villains to start with.

We are selling the Digital Version on and the Onebookshelf sites at the moment and plan to spread to various other sites as time goes on. In a few months we will have Print on Demand available which I can’t wait to get a copy of myself. Thanks to everyone that made this journey possible.

If you are one of those that bought Chronos: RTCS before, I sent you a complimentary coupon for the game. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me at

Here are a few links that you might find of interest:



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