Tactical Momentum



As if you didn’t already have enough options, we give you more ways to change the flow of battle and build momentum in fights called Tactical Advantages. Like the Vector System, used by Abilities, the Tactical Advantages enhance and empower your actions to make them faster, hit harder, strike without a chance they might miss, have boosted strength, and much more.

Tactical Advantages are powered by a resource called Tactical Points. These points build as the fight goes on, the more actions you perform the momentum of the battle can shift in your favor. Tactical Advantages are only for you as a player, the villains you fight against aren’t going to benefit from these tricks in the same way you do either, so you get the fun of making modifications that the GM won’t have without adjustments.

Some Tactical Advantages will allow you to force your Foes to strike themselves with their attack, others will make small explosions into Battlefield infernos, others will let you take control of your immediate area granting you all sorts of secondary benefits. Whatever they do, they are specific your Hero Class and you are highly encouraged to use them. If you don’t, all is not lost, as there are some cases where saving your Tactical Points is the only way to build up your Energy in the late stages of a fight.

However you use your Tactical Points, Tactical Advantages are just one way Unchained Heroes adds options to your combat scenarios. In the future, expect that many more ways to use Tactical Points will arise. They build the momentum of the fight in your favor and give you a Tactical standing that rises above your foes. I envision them being used to fuel off-the-cuff improvisations and wild stunts in combat.

Check out more about them here on our Tactical Advantages Page.

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