Scent of Blood


tarin01a–“The last strike sent blood pouring down their side; at the scent of their blood, you launch into a frenzy.”

–“As you pass through the veil in a wisp of smoke, you are invigorated with the possibilities before you.”

–“Disappearing in an instant and reappearing at your foe, your blades still dripping with the essence of shadow, you impale your opponent with both shadow blades.”

–“The Astral Plane awakens powers within you that lie dormant while you stand on the Material Plane, allowing you to smash your enemies with the power of your mind.”

These are just a few of the descriptions you might use when you are describing the effects of the Synergy Bonus Mechanic in the Unchained Heroes Roleplaying Game. When your foe is afflicted with a particular condition, it may trigger a primal hunt within you that gives you bonuses that you didn’t realize were there. Different planes of existence will grant you bonuses like a Water Elemental fighting in the oceans, who would dispute where the advantage lies between a man and a Water Elemental on their home turf? The Synergy Bonuses encourage role-playing and strategic use of abilities, two tenets to which Unchained Heroes attempts to strictly adhere. Unchained Heroes is designed to encourage ingenuity by giving you options and mechanics like the Synergy Bonus are just one small part of the greater vision.

We want the crunch, we love the tactical, we promote the extraordinary with the Synergy Bonus. Each action is a force in and of itself, but when combined with others, their potency grows. Different combinations of actions between players is just as encouraged as those actions you can perform with your own abilities. The Rogue can flash in and get first blood, planting a Hemorrhage on your target and triggering the Warrior’s Warpath ability to gain an additional chance for criticals. The Oracle can drop a Nightmare Sphere on a Zone while the Sorcerer shoots out a Gust of Wind to push all the local thugs into its dark depths. The scent of blood affect Warrior and Visceral in many ways. Whatever the circumstance, conditions, actions, timing, and terrain can trigger incredible powers and fantastic displays from you and your enemies.

Here is an example of a Combo in action:

The GM describing the events that just occurred — “The Visceral tears into their foe, rending them limb from limb and leaving them bleeding from their wounds, covered in the scent of blood, triggering something within them to stir and strike out even more viciously and scoring a critical hit with little effort.”


Active Mobile [Martial] [Onslaught] [Bane]
Energy: 20
Range: Melee
Action Time: Equipped Weapon
Duration: Encounter
Your attacks rip into your enemy causing great harm.
Skill Check: ATK vs. DEF
Ability Dice Pool: +2dp/+3dp/+4dp
Effect: Combatant is dealt Physical Damage and suffers the Bleed Condition.
Synergy Bonus: If a Foe within Melee Range rolls Skill Check against an Ally under your Corsican Bond Condition or Blade Turning Spines Effect, you may immediately perform this Action against the Combatant as a Reaction. You gain 1TP from using this Action in this fashion.

Scent of Blood

Active Mobile [Martial] [Boon] [Vector]
Energy: 40
Range: Self
Action Time: Reaction
At the scent of blood, something primal unlocks within you.
Effect: Your Current Onslaught or Basic Attack is an Automatic Critical Effect in addition to any other Effects.
Synergy Bonus: This Action’s Energy Cost is lowered by 20 against Combatants suffering the Bleed or Open Wounds Conditions.

Find out more here and take a look at what some of these Synergy Bonuses can do!

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