Our Newest Product: The Necromancer


The Necromancer is an all new Hero Class for the Unchained Heroes Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Summon the dead to fight by your side, possess the living as a wraith, and transform into a giant monster that can crush foes with its bare hands. With this new Supplement, you get New Talents, New Techniques, and New Abilities!

You can pick it up at DriveThruRPG

  • Introduces the first summoning mechanics into the Unchained Heroes RPG.
  • Harness ectoplasm to change into Necromantic forms of The Monster and The Wraith.
  • Control the battlefield with amazing battlefield effects that create carrion fields and flood the land with darkness.
  • Get your own Skeletal “Jeeves” to do your bidding.
  • Track down missing persons (or your quarry) with blood magic.

The Necromancer Hero Class is compatible with the Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook and the Unchained Heroes System Resource Document. If you own either of those versions, you are ready to add the Necromancer to your campaign!

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