New Look for a New Start



Unchained Heroes is getting a new look and I feel the need to show it off a bit. The process of editing, reorganizing, and trimming the chaff in the game is largely complete, so I have been working diligently on making it look beautiful. I have changed the layouts, leveled up my graphic design skills, and am ready to tell you about the process.

When I started on Unchained Heroes I felt I needed to make it different than Chronos, its predecessor. One of the biggest ways to do that was to change the color scheme. In the picture above, the color scheme is still an analogous color scheme meaning all three colors of yellow, orange, and red are closely tied to each other. At this point I was just working on trying to build a new way to present the pages to the viewer. It looked good, but it is time to introduce a new scheme. I liked the analogous theme, but the red and oranges were too warm for my eyes and stressed them. This was compounded after having looked at the book and layouts for years.

With the new schemed I decided to follow a complimentary scheme of Blue and Orange with saturation and chroma levels adjusted to make various levels of depth. I wanted to make a cooler palette that would be easier on the eyes. I was also looking for a way to do a better color contrast for everyone’s eyes. Complimentary colors do this very well. It’s a technique movies have been using for decades and designers/artists have known forever. For me, its all new. The new theme and color structure can be seen in the picture below.




One of the first things you will notice is that I have changed the headings from all red, to alternating blue and orange. The Blue contrasts nicely with the page background and the orange headings call attention to themselves in contrast to the grey-green callout boxes on the page. I kept the blue closer to navy blue than royal blue to be easier on my eyes and the orange was burnt a bit to bring out a tie in to the page background on the headers and footers.

You will also notice that compared to Chronos, the page background has been altered. Where it previous wrapped from the footer (bottom) then along the page edge up to the header (top), I scrapped that and started fresh. I wanted more white space and to do that I took the border and faded it out on the top and the bottom. This has a two-fold effect. For one, it is similar enough to my previous work in Chronos to give a consistent feel and match my logo. The second benefit is that it fits perfectly with my color scheme of blue and orange, giving the lettering a nice way to pop out at you.

The last thing I wanted to show you was an adjustment to the tables and headings to fit the new overall feel. As you can notice from this picture, the tables have fallen into the new blue scheme, but I was able to keep the tan/gold cell backgrounds because it was so closely tied to the orange in the rest of the theme. As you can see, the call-out boxes that I use so much are still there, but have that tinge of green to match the blue. I felt this was a good time to change those to contrast the page border. So far, I like what I see.



That is my update for you folks. Nothing is set in stone, but it is getting there. I hope you like what you see. Until next time!


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