My Princess Monster Wife


Princess Monster Wife (Adventure Time)

Sometimes I sit around and think about all the things I would do if I made a new game system from scratch. The image of Princess Monster Wife then hits me like a hammer, but I can’t help myself, I’m like the Ice King that sees a bunch of beautiful things and wants to put them all together. I am always thinking about the next version, the next twist, the next game mechanic. I really can’t help myself; I tinker a lot. I see stuff and it inspires me to jot down ideas and create; I love games. I have quite a few games on my playlist besides my own, believe it or not and my favorite systems right now have so many cool features that I think I could tweak and make my own.

After designing Unchained Heroes for so many years, I have to remind myself that’s not how games work. You can’t take a ton of great things, put them all together and expect a good game; you will make a monster. Games don’t work that way, at least not most of the time, mechanics need to work together. They build and expand off of each other; and the fewer mechanics you can use, the easier they all coexist. The separate parts that make a game so wonderful are only part of the equation to make a great game.

Today I am going to throw that thought out the window. If I was making a game from all many favorite game parts, this would be my Princess Monster Wife.

  • Savage Worlds Dice System
  • Savage Worlds Wounds/Toughness Model
  • Unchained Heroes RTC Engine
  • Unchained Heroes Ability/Talent System
  • Cypher System Resource Pool Management
  • Cypher System Villain/Monster Difficulty
  • 13th Age Backgrounds and Skill System
  • 13th Age One Unique Thing
  • 5th Edition Bounded Accuracy
  • Blades in the Dark Group Cooperation Mechanics

There are a lot of other things, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I like a lot of things in my game that I would use and I would scavenge parts from many other games as well. These 10 areas are the ones that stick out more prominently.

Keep playing more games and having fun out there people.


-Turk Zapt.

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