Game Plan for Release


This post is meant to give everyone an idea about what to expect in the next few weeks as I release (re-release?) the Unchained Heroes RPG. Before I get into the details, I just wanted to say something very important: Thank you. Thank you to all of you that pm’ed me, messaged me, and kept the conversation going on Unchained Heroes. Without you all, I wouldn’t be releasing Unchained Heroes again. I sincerely thank you all. You know who you are.

Digital Version Release Date

The full digital release version of Unchained Heroes RPG is going to be released on April 3rd, 2015 on DriveThruRPG. More locations will follow as I talk to the various digital distributors.

I am going to follow a conservative plan this time and wait to release the Print Version until the PDF has had time to get into everyone’s hands. The reason for this is that the last release of Chronos: RTCS had errors in the Index of the print version that I don’t want to repeat. I want to let people test the waters for a bit and report any errors they might find so that I might fix them before the Print version is released.

Fulfilling a Promise

For those of you that have already purchased Unchained Heroes when it was Chronos: RTCS, I plan on getting you a copy of the digital version for free through DriveThruRPG. This was a promise I made to you all and I intend to keep it. I will be using the internal system of DriveThruRPG to send out a coupon to you all for a free copy that you will be able to redeem at your leisure.

For those of you that have purchased the game, but not through DriveThruRPG, that’s not a problem. Just please contact me at and I will arrange to get you a copy.

Chronos: RTCS vs. Unchained Heroes

There are going to be differences between the previously released Chronos: RTCS and Unchained Heroes. Unchained Heroes has been shortened a bit to cut out the chaff and it has been reworded and reworked with a new look. They are completely compatible. The 95% of the game is the same, but UH has given me the opportunity to refine and add some things that I wanted to the first time around. The other 5% that is different consists of a few extra abilities for each class, fixing some of the language that might have been unclear the first time around, and removing the Character Skill Aspect idea. Either book will get you the same end result: playing the game I have wanted to get into your hands for years.

I almost forgot one important detail! Chronos: RTCS has a very close spot next to my heart, so if it would get into any arguments with Unchained Heroes over rules, Chronos wins. Hehe.


Print Version Release Schedule

I will be working on the Print Proofs immediately following the release of the Digital Version. Best case, the process is going to take 30 days to undertake because of shipping and other boring details. That won’t be the official release for the Print Version though, print copies will be released at the end of May, beginning of June, barring any other delays.

System Resource Document Release

The System Resource Document will be released on a similar timeline to the Digital Version plus or minus a few days. I am focused on the core product, this is a nice addition to the overall product line. The System Resource Document is a standalone product that contains the OGL content for Unchained Heroes that you may use to play the game. You get everything you could need, minus the fluffy content and shiny pictures. It will be Digital release only and downloadable for free on various distributors and the Unchained Heroes website.

Here for Questions

As always, I am around and available to answer any questions you might have. You can find me under the Unchained Heroes RPG G+ Page, RTC Engine Facebook Page, through my profile of Kurt Patz on G+ and by email. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with concerns, questions, and anecdotes. Remember, I always love to hear stories about your games.


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