Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Unchained Heroes and the Real Time Combat Engine.

What does Real Time Combat Engine mean?
  • Real Time Combat Engine is the name we give to the dynamic turn system that Unchained Heroes uses. The Real Time Combat Engine (RTC Engine) uses a Combat Timeline and Time Intervals to keep track of actions rather than a round robin turn system. Players may find they can perform 2, 3, or even 4 actions at times before the next opponent performs an action. We call it Real Time Combat, because it emulates the feel of a real combat scenario more accurately. It is not a LARP system or a system that requires stopwatches. See an in-depth explanation here.
Where can I get the game?
What formats does it come in?
What’s the difference between Standard and Premium Color?
Any idea on the price?
  • They will be inline with similar RPG offerings:
    • High Quality Bookmarked PDF will be 10.00 USD
    • Premium Hardcover will be 59.99 USD, has the best picture and paper quality (pretty thick) with a very sturdy glossy hard cover.
    • Premium Softcover will be 54.99 USD, has the best picture and paper quality (pretty thick) with a standard glossy soft cover.
    • Standard Hardcover will be 39.99 USD, has good picture quality, paper is thinner stock, it has a very sturdy glossy hard cover, and lays out well on the tabletop.
    • Comparison link: Premium Color vs Standard Color Comparison
Is it compatible with other game systems?
  • Yes and no. Yes, because Unchained Heroes has familiar d20 underpinnings. No, because no other combat system uses the Real Time Combat Engine. Unchained Heroes can adapt and be adapted to any game system, but it works best currently with Pathfinder game modules.
Can I make content for Unchained Heroes?
  • Yes. You will be free to develop content for Unchained Heroes. The only rights I will reserve will be specific names, locations, settings, pictures, and other “original content” as is typical game system language. We have an System Resource Document to show our commitment to this philosophy.
What’s the SRD and why are you making one?
  • The Unchained Heroes SRD stands for System Resource Document. I made an SRD because I want people to play and create for Unchained Heroes, plain and simple. It is everything that could be considered comparable to an OGL in the Core Rulebook and a few extras. You get the core tools to play and run a campaign for free.
  • You can get it at DriveThruRPG here.
Why would I want the fancy book if you are offering it for free?
  • The Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook is a 8.5″x 11″ page format in two columns that contains over 150 pages of extra content that you won’t find in the SRD. There are more classes, a host of magical items, unique character stories, advice sections, a Bestiary of ready-made monsters, beautiful illustrations, and you will be able to get it as a Hardcover or Softcover book in addition to the PDF form (SRD will be PDF only).
Where can I get material to play Unchained Heroes?
  • The current Play Kit which includes Pre-generated characters, Character Sheets, and Combat Timelines for Unchained Heroes and the Real Time Combat Engine Document. They can all be reached through our Downloads Page.