Dream Journal Inspiration: Biding my Time

Note: I wrote this days ago, but didn’t post it until now. Here is my story.

I had a dream last night. Not just any dream, though. It was one of those dreams that would make a perfect moment in an RPG. I was standing in a field of black oily razor grass facing off against this guy:


His face was covered in “Kiss” makeup, so think of that (picture above) with this (picture below):


You know who they are.


We weren’t standing idly; we were circling each other wearing tattered jeans and shredded strips of clothing. He was swinging and twirling a chain with a grappling hook attached to it and I was dodging each time he threw it at me. The sky was an oily inky yellow/brown/green color and the sun was setting, yet its sickly light was covering everything. There were hills of razor grass as far as the eye could see and no place to run or hide. It was stifling hot. The humidity and the heat was making me sweat which was dripping into cuts on my legs from the sharp serrated edges of the grasses. Besides the sounds of the chains stirring through the grass, the song “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour was playing in the background.

I was biding my time, trying to get a hold of the chain without getting hurt, but those hooks were nasty, waiting for Female Commander Shepard (Fem Shep) to finish off her opponent and come clock this guy. I had no illusions that I was going to take him, because I was… well I was regular me. She was Fem Shep, even without a gun, she was going to take him down. I just needed to let her finish her guy off first.

Unfortunately time was running out for me, because my opponent had a sidekick that appeared and was egging him on with the voice and similar appearance to Harley Quinn:


Image is from kidnotorious. Great work.


I knew my time was short and as all dreams of this sort do, it ended on a cliffhanger, conceding to my alarm clock. I can imagine how it would have finished, but learning what my mind had in store for me is not in the cards. How do you think it would have ended?

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