UH_SRDcover013Our Downloads Page is your One-stop location to download supplemental content to use with the Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook. We have Character Sheets in printable and fillable versions, Combat Timelines, an introductory Adventure, and a link to the SRD. Pre-generated Characters can be found on our Google+ Community Page under the “Supplemental Content” Link.

Unchained Heroes Character Sheets (Print Version)

Two Page Character Sheet Spread in PDF format. Use them for your games as you wish.

Unchained Heroes Combat Timeline (50 TI)

This Combat Timeline has 8 Combat Timelines and spans 50 Time Intervals.

Unchained Heroes Combat Timeline (100 TI)

This Combat Timeline has 8 Combat Timelines and spans 100 Time Intervals.

Unchained Heroes Adventures

This section contains all the free Adventure content available for the Unchained Heroes.

The Google Drive Supplemental Content Folder

This folder has everything available through the link in the G+ Community. It leads to a shared Google Drive folder where you can download all our additional content in one spot.

Real Time Combat Engine Documentation

This document contains all the information regarding the Real Time Combat Engine, so you may use this dynamic action system for your game.

The Unchained Heroes System Resource Document (Digital Version Only)

This digital resource contains all the details necessary to play the Unchained Heroes Tabletop RPG. The System Rules, Core Classes, and Core Species are all here for you and FOR FREE!