Darkness and Light



Two approaches to fighting those things that would harm life, one uses a dark path and the other a path of light. Darkness and Light.

The Paladin and the Dread Knight stories are some of my favorite stories to tell in Chronos. They are steeped in lore and something that has evolved over the years to be a strong foundation of the Floating Realms universe. All my Hero Classes have a special place in Chronos, but few take the spotlight like these two do. The Dread Knight uses those powers from the Dreadnaughts that some would say come from the Darkness. The Paladin uses those powers from the Paladin that some would say are steeped in Light. I take the stance that a balanced approach is needed to combat the evils that the Heroes will face. As you will read, the Paladins and Dread Knights had rough times in the beginning, but now act like brothers and sisters in their battles. This is not common knowledge, but it is fact nonetheless.

The story of the Dread Order has been added today. Check it out here.

The story of the Order of Paladyne and the Paladins can be found here.

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