Basilisk Lore Unlocked!



We learned about Dragons this week, so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Basilisks as well. Unchained Heroes and the universe we stage it in, has a unique approach to both of these creatures. Basilisks are the bestial flying reptiles that are both a nuisance and boon to the people of Veerith. They are pets, instruments of war, guardians, and villains. One of them might be a family friend that loves to be itched under the chin, another might be girded and trained for war, another might be used to protect the family ranch, and still another might be rampaging the countryside killing human travelers after it got the taste of human blood. Whatever the case, basilisks are a big part of the universe of Unchained Heroes. They are vital to many of the greatest stories we have created.

The basilisks of Queen Roslin and her Calrysn Army are the most famous of those stories. With the Calrysn behind her and their basilisks ready for battle, she was able to sweep upon the Dark Champion of the Elder Gods, rout their armies, and push him back into the Forest of Madness from whence he came. Now the basilisks are deployed against enemies (both real and imagined) on all fronts. Their most notable war currently being against the Zetians and their Archangel Combat Vessels, designed to house the Paladynes assisting the Zetians on the planet.

Check out all the many details about the basilisks here. If you are interested in more about Veerith or Dragons, click on the links attached to their names.

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