My name is Kurt Patz and I am a lifelong Tabletop and Video Game RPG player turned game designer and publisher. The beginnings of my journey start within the worlds of the Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy series of video games which I never wanted to leave. To continue to build in those universes I made a homebrew game called Fantasy Quest. At the time I had no concept of a Tabletop game and only heard loosely about Dungeons and Dragons (as my friends say, I lived in a Lutheran Cave), so it was my only Tabletop RPG outlet for years. After I met some of my lifelong friends, I was introduced to AD&D and Magic: The Gathering and I have been playing Tabletop Games ever since.

I played 2nd Edition AD&D for years, then moved to 2nd Edition AD&D: Skills and Powers which I played for even longer. The creation of the Floating Realms occurred during that time. It spawned a campaign that is very dear to me, featuring two characters by the name of Bud and Tolaris, and so the Floating Realms has been my setting of choice for years.

Around the year 2000, we moved to 3rd Edition AD&D which I enjoyed very much. The d20 System expanded my outlook on RPGs and made me realize you can make a good thing better. I created a new Floating Realm named Eld at that time to be the home for one of my greatest campaigns.

After exploring that world, I moved away from DnD to play White Wolf, purchasing many of the Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage books. I credit White Wolf with opening my eyes to great systems beyond DnD. It spawned my first attempt at a non-d20 game system in the form of Calrysn. After the year 2003 I took a break from gaming for a while and didn’t pick it up until 2008. During that time I continued to work on Unchained Heroes, but it was not ready for prime time, it was mostly in notebooks and a few scattered computer documents.

From 2008 to the present I began to expand my knowledge of the RPG universe, but Unchained Heroes was largely built without interaction with the outside world. We played it and tweaked it for years, finally being able to complete some stories that I never had a chance to resolve in years past. As I re-entered the gaming scene, I was very happy to see the multitude of different game systems out there.

Presently, I live in Wisconsin with my wife and 2 children, all of which I hope will play games with me until the day I die. We play multiple game systems and I am always looking for another game system to enjoy. I am familiar with the “recent” systems of FATE, 4th Edition AD&D, 5th Edition AD&D, Numenera, The Strange, 13th Age, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, and more. I love playing games and will continue to grow my collection as more great games appear. I’m a tinkerer and an explorer of RPGs. I always feel the drive to tweak the games I love and that will never end.

My first foray into the world of Game Design has been the Unchained Heroes Roleplaying Game (formerly known as Chronos) published under the Chronos Publishing company. It has been a functioning entity since 2010 and I hope to expand the Chronos Publishing line so that it might entertain a wide audience of play-styles and people. It has been shaped by the games that I grew up playing, shaped by the books of my favorite fantasy authors, and tempered by years of playtesting and calculations.

And so my journey continues…