A Light Week: Short Story Time


I’m on vacation this week, so I am a little light on the writing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share stories. Tell us about your Unchained Heroes or general RPG stories this week in the comments.

I will start.

We adventured in the Land of Eld this week, uncovered an ancient mansion that housed a dark entity. Facing dark being after dark being, we made it through the mansion to finally face the source of the disturbance. After a well fought battle, we defeated it; throwing around spirit spells, attacking it with undead minions, and hexing it into oblivion. A Necromancer and Sorcerer combo won the day. The Dark Entity had little chance, but their adventure was not over there. A leather bound book, locked and hidden, was found. We still have not learned its secrets and we are wondering if we dare.

Tell us your stories in the comments.


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